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However, I do have one very strict rule that I believe all DJ's, except Andy, should follow. Their DJ website must contain their picture. It's just my little thang!



Ohhhhhhh....I like you already. Finally someone else that sees it as important instead of being just another faceless disco.


Blonde dizzy and no longer available

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Mrs Dukesy says hello big boy! :wall:


Mmm interesting. That now explains where Mrs D and Rich diappeared to on the night we all met in Warrington ! :hide:



5 European cups and 18 leagues, that`s what we call history.


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Yep. Mrs D is polite...but she says she can't really remember him. :fright:

Next time I have to go to London, I'll point out, next door to Parliament! :D



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Hi Rich!


Good to see you back - hope the DJing takes off again for you!


What's up with that guy from Torquay then... very rude. I always thought that this was a polite forum.


Oh, I won't need to bug you anymore about my website - I can manage to do the basic maintenance without too much fuss.


Good Luck!





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I had the misfortune to meet Rich only last week, we had a drink, chatted the barmaid up, got some discount, and had a general good chat about 'things'.


He's still as ugly as ever, even fatter than I remember and still supports about the only football team in the UK, that have to be looked into every time they win a match.


Of course I don't like him, but to be honest I'd rather go out with him from Norway or that old fella from Brum.






What is it with that guy from Torquay, I found him very nice to talk to ?

Edited by JimBoylan

.....but what do I know ?




Your Big Event

Office:01803 813540

Direct: 0797 0717 448


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