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Music For Wake Suggestions

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Hello, I wonder if you or anyone can help me. I have been asked to provide music after family and friends have been to a funeral, I am very nervous about what to play.

I have done a couple of functions for the family before,1 wedding 1 birthday,they have all had a good time at those and that is why they asked me to do this, I said I would do it without hesitation,and have wavered my usual fee to be donated to the familys choosen charity.

I am now thinking maybe should have said I wasn't available to do it, as everything I think I might play seems wrong.

The person who booked me is adamant that he wants it to be a celebration of the departeds life, and has given me some fav singers but not the songs, (Bob Marley,Celine Dione,Michael Bubble) any ideas of suitable tracks from these artists?

Also what mode would you start off with, as I obviously don't want to go straight into disco music as I am sure there will be some people there that will think that the whole thing is inappropriate.

And to end would you finish with a touching ballad or keep the pace up. They also want some karaoke so how do you persuade Uncle Joe/Aunty Anne from singing something like (knockin on heavens door or bring me to life) might not be a good idea.

I hope that someone can offer some help with this and a speedy response is appreciated as the funeral is Mon 19th Jan.

Sorry that my request is so long but I am realy brickin it.

Thankyou in advance. I'm sorry if I have put this in the wrong place, but it was the only place on here I could find to accept my question, I must be doing something wrong.

Please dissreguard my previous post.

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I now give a requests list out with every contract so that the person organising can choose specific songs or a genre for the evening. only thing with funerals is that they are very short notice. ballads, songs from the era that the person grew up would be good... be prepared for lots of requests...


Going underground by the jam, Spirit in the sky etc are probably best avoided.


just re-read your post...


Bob marley- No woman no cry, Redemption song, theres a great compilation with 20 of his most popular songs.. its in the car and i can't remember what its called.....

Celine dion all sounds the same, get the best of album!!!!!

Ditto Michael Bubble'


60s to present day rock and pop live covers band. Birthdays, Weddings, Partys based in Witney, Oxfordshire.
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I think some of the above comments are kind of touching on one key fact - it's probably more important to find out about any songs not to play than songs to play.


Keep in your mind that this is a celebration and treat it as such.


I havn't played a wake before but have played an anniversary celebration of someones life five years on, maybe the loss is not so raw, but there were some very touching speeches, but also a very upbeat feel to the whole event.


Good luck, and do let us know how you get on.

Paul Forsyth

The DJ formally known as Vinnie

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I did music after my brothers funeral, he was a huge Weller fan as were his friends.

I just played the music he liked and grew up with. The day went really well and had to ask people to go home at 10.30, it was meant to end at 4.30. Just treat it with a little respect as there are some people who don't think you should enjoy yourself at a funeral. Just read the crowd like you would any other gig and celebrate their life.

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When I go you can play what you like. I won't be hanging around to listen

"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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When I go you can play what you like. I won't be hanging around to listen

Not sure I know that song :rolleyes:


Just wanted to thank you all for your comments and ideas.As I had said in my post that I was worried about what music to play at a wake,I need not to as the day went realy well,apart from the fact that a lovely family had lost their loved one that is.


After a family tribute speech. I started with a few Bob Marley hits, Redemption song,No woman no cry,Is this love,Celine Dion Touched by an Angel,Because you loved me,Please don't go did not make my playlist.


I paid my tribute by singing The Rose,then they opened the buffet and so I put on a Grandmaster party mix,at a low level,Ihad a wander whilst it was playing and chatted to some of the family and many many friends of the deceased and as I saw smiling faces and tapping fingers and feet,and everyone of them aproved of my choice of music and hoped that I would increase the volume once the buffet was done,I knew I had made the right choice although some lyrics of some songs made me whince a little. Played loads more 70's 80's tunes mostly at correct volume.The Karaoke was great with F & F dedicating their songs,a few Shirley Bassey songs from me, was asked if I would sing Tears in heaven but as I didn't think I would do a good enough job of it I played the original,Eric Clapton instead.Ended the evening with Wind beneath my wings,and Michael Buble Everything.

I was given a standing ovation at the end and told that it was just what they wanted and more importantly just what their loved one would have loved.I also recieved a lovely bunch of flowers by way of a thankyou for donating my fee and the day/night.


There was just one incident where the son of the deceased made a speech and as he was overcome with emotion and double brandys he threw my mic on the floor and left the stage,now normaly I would have lifted a couple of things of his so far over his head...but given the circumstances I decided not to,luckily it was an SM58 and not my expensive mic, and so suffered only a small dent.Very robust those mics.


I'm not sure if I would ever do another wake as I found it very emotional,but never say never.But would most certainly like someone to do the same for me when I eventualy go the the Karaoke venue in the sky.

As for my final tune it would be Star Trekin,how about the rest of you.

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