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Don Maclean, American Pie

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Ive been dragged in to an argument I was not even there to listen to until on of the regulars from the pub asked me a few days later!


Right There was an 8min version of American Pie and a 12min version, True or false? I said true


Did the 8 min version get in to the carts?I said true did the 12 min version I said I dont think so no.



Am I correct in my answers? and if so where can fined evidence to print off and take with me?


Chalet to let - PM me for details!! see here: www.freewebs.com/eastchalet
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To my knowledge there were (are) only two versions 4ish mins & 8 ish mins.


The original single was released with Pt 1 on the A side and Pt 2 on the B side so I guess you could say that both versions charted.



Paul Forsyth

The DJ formally known as Vinnie

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"Length 8:33 (LP), 4:11 (Single Part 1), 4:31 (Single Part 2)"

I'm a DJ based in Northern Ireland with nearly 10 years' experience offering a range of services. Including club residencies, karaoke, pub quizzes, specialised wedding service, Master of Ceremonies, Compere, Night at the Races and much more.




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