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This is a place in west london - looks very nice. Trying to get hold of the events organiser - but she is off sick.


are there lifts to 1st floor ?




Have been to the actual location - too early in the day for it to be open - looks fantastic!


see Louise Blouin Foundation

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Don't know the venue but I believe Louise Blouin attended same DCMS hosted arts meeting I visited in London a while back. Everyone appeared to be talking about her!

I believe she contributes to NCA campaigns too.



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follow this link Floor plan


and this one


Floor plan 2


These pdf files may help it looks like there is a lift.

Haven't played there but looks like an interesting venue to work at.

Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

29 Years Experience and still learning.

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well I am in the place right now. Its quite a hike from the car to the lift to the place for setting up. And multiple sections (car in - in lift - out of lift - set up)


Looking forward to breaking down - I had the lift control key on the way up - but with everyone leaving i doubt that will be possible on the way back. The lift is a 40 person lift - no space issues


Staff are wonderful and very helpful


There are no spare tables (something i am not used too so have improvised) if you do play here.


And the art - wow - have had a couple of hours to take a tour - truly breathtaking.

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There are no spare tables (something i am not used too so have improvised) if you do play here.

This is where the importance of deck stands etc come in.

Also site visits will help you prepare if you don't normally take stands.

How did the gig end up?



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Hi Jim


I do run with a deck stand - its just that it only holds the decks and my laptop - CD's are a different story. Have to say it is the first place I have played where there is not a shelf / ledge / table to improvise with. Unfortunately the gear only just fits in the car as is - so an additional table is just not on the cards.



Great gig though - guests were fantastic - all 191 of them - 60's only with Lily Allen (the only recent track) mixed in to Willie Nelson and finishing with YMCA. Also my first tip in a long long while.

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