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Just a reminder for anyone offering / requesting work via the forum Gig area.


If you have a booking that you would like to pass on, or when posting offers of work or advertising your availability, you should end your post with your preferred method of contact since nobody will be able to reply to the thread. Also, bear in mind that newbie members will not be able to reply via PM until they have contributed enough posts to be considered active members!


If you do gain work via the forum, then play the game and consider passing a booking back.


Obviously, the less ambiguous the info, the more interest you will receive, so do try to include as much information as possible.


Here is a suggestion of what to include in the post details when offering a gig:


-The date of the function.

-The area where the function is held. This does not need to be 100% specific, but offering a Post Code area which indicates where the location is will most likely be appreciated!

-The occasion type - e.g. Wedding, Public / Private, etc

-The times required - please try to include as much info here - what time is the venue access available from?

-Proof of PLI / PAT required?

-How much does it pay?

-Contact from Multi Service agency accepted / not accepted



Here is a suggestion of what to include in the post details when requesting a gig:


Brief profile / CV which includes:

-How many years / diversity of experience you have

-The music you specialise in

-The occasions you specialise in

-Your preferred method of contact, e.g. PM, email, phone, facebook, etc.

-Contact from Multi Service agency accepted / not accepted

-The *date/s you are available.


*I would strongly suggest that you include and update your signature with dates you are available too for other members to view / quick reference including preferred method of contact.



The Gig area is for ACTIVE FORUM MEMBERS with a MINIMUM of 15 POSTS.

If you tout for work with less than 15 posts YOUR POST MAY BE DELETED.

DJsUnited accepts no liability for business transacted between parties.

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