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Denon Hdc4500 Controller, X900 Mixer, Adj Sdj1 In Flightcase...

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Flightcase containing Denon DNHC-4500 controller, Denon X900 mixer, American DJ SDJ1 and a custom made patch panel. Also in a separate case are the CD drawers for the 4500 (the DN-D4500). The flightcase was custom made for me by Savill cases and is very lightweight.


All are in immaculate condition, although the right deck of ther SDJ1 has a slightly faulty pitch control.


The Patch panel has a PowerCon connection which powers up all 3 units. It has 3 x 5pin XLR sockets which are each connected to 2 phono inputs (see attached pics) so for example on input 007 this one input will connect to CD players. The idea behind the patch panel was to condense all of the input and outputs onto one 1U panel. The way this was done was to bring out pairs of Aux's on a 5-pin XLR connector, pins 1+2 are AUX A, pin 3 common ground and pins 4+5 AUX B. The lead shown in the picture is 4-core screened cable with a 5 pin XLR male at each end and then a female 5 pin XLR 'tail' split to the 4 phonos (for the two AUX channels). The idea here is that you can make up various tails to suit the remote dual CD player or multichannel sound card and then use a single common lead to interconnect the equipment.

The first input that is labelled Prizm actually is the connection for the Denon DN-D4500 CD drawers.


The Patch Panel and Custom flightcase both cost over £200, the SDJ1 is over £100, the X900 & HDC4500 both £500+ and DN-D4500 £300+ which equals in excess of £1,800.

Looking for £900

Much prefer to sell all units with the flightcase rather than selling units individually.


All items can be viewed/tried in Harrow/NW London.

The photo uploader isn't working so here's a link to see photo's of the items


Anthony Winyard Entertainment www.awe-dj.co.uk, Entertaining London & the South-East!


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