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Well today I've been looking at all my old stuff at moms house and I have a lot more equipment than I thought I had. Some of which I can use again, some of which maybe need repairing.


Anyway I have a Hercules DJ console RMX controller with a copy of virtual DJ. It's a good little program and to be honest have only ever used it as a bedroom set up.


I want to get into the digital age and wondered would this hold up as regular device or is it more useful as a back up?


I have a laptop (Sony Vaio) which has a few missing keys on it, but I am hoping I can reformat it and stick xp on it and maybe repair the keys. I also have a 250gb harddrive which I have barely used so the stuff is there.


Anyone got any experience with this controller?


P.s does anyone know if this controller is compatible with other software?

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I've been using the RMX for about 3 years now and still use it as my main playout.

I've been considering updating to something newer but I love my RMX to bits, it does everything I need it to and it's maybe more importantly it's been rock solid reliable.

I use it with VDJ but I believe it can be mapped to other software.



Dance Sounds Disco


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I have an RMX which I use for playing in clubs and bars with intsalled gear, I use a denon playout system for mobile work. The RMX is very good indeed, it hasn't missed a beat in all the time I have used it and is perfectly adequate for mobile work and basic mixing. It can be mapped to work with other programs, but I use it with VDJ. I would go as far as saying that the RMX is the best value for money piece of kit I own, I bought it used but in mint condition and it still looks brand new. There are far more sexy units now on the market like the DN-MC6000 or the Native Instruments and Vestax controllers but you'll pay dearly for that kind of quality. I find the RMX does everything I need and would definately recommend it.


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