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For Sale - Dap Clubmate 15 700 Watt Active System With Uprated Mid/top

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DAP Clubmate 15 700 watt 3 box active (powered) system with uprated mid/top speakers (2db more efficient and 50% more handling power than the originals). Braked castors added to bass bin for easier handling.I have owned this system for just over a year, kept it as a back-up and have used it twice only. A change of emphasis makes it surplus to requirements now. The amount of bass put out by such a relatively small box has to be heard to be believed!

• All amplifiers and electronics are built into the subwoofer cabinet.
• Built in dynamic compressor and limiter circuits for optimal protection and low distortion
• Built in Subsonic Filter for optimal subwoofer protection.
• Built in High Driver Protection.
• Excellent Stereo Image.
• 13-layers plywood for the subwoofer, ABS for the satellites.
• Satellites loaded with Fane Crescendo mid/high drivers with Titanium Dome tweeter for a very smooth frequency response up to 18 kHz.

Subwoofer: 15" compact vented active PA Subwoofer
• Amplifier Output Low: 400 Watt RMS in 8 Ohm
• Amplifier Output High: 2x 150 Watt RMS in 8 Ohm
• Freq. Response (-3 dB): 44 – 125 Hz
• Crossover Freq.: 125 Hz, 24 dB/ Oct BW
• Input Sensitivity: 0 dBu, 775 mV
• Efficiency (Half Space): 103 dB / W / m
• Max. SPL at 1 m (Theoret.): 129 dB
• Nominal Dispersion (HxV): 360° x 180°
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 503 x 605 x 705mm
• Net Weight: 46 kg

Satellites: 8" passive vented PA Satellite speaker system
• Freq. Response : 55 – 18,000 Hz
• Power handling 225 watt rms in 8 ohms
• Efficiency (Full Space): 97 dB / W / m
• Max. SPL at 1 m : 120 dB
• Nominal Dispersion (HxV): 90° x 60°
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 280 x 390 x 210
• Net Weight: 9 kg

Subwoofer is upgraded with the addition of 4 x braked castors plus 4 extra rubber feet on one side. This allows the bin to sit on its side, comfortably, under an Ultimax Wheel ‘n’ Winch stand.

£329. Based near Huntingdon. Can demo if required. Please PM for pics.

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