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How The Mighty Have Fallen

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I suppose it depends on how you usually get your work. If you rely on word of mouth recommendations, 18 months is a long time for people to not be recommending you, people forget names and businesses quite quickly. About 85% of my work was word of mouth, and when I "retired" from the industry in 2012, it only took around 8 months for the enquiries to drop off to a trickle and then disappear altogether. Like I say, when you stop 'being out there',  people stop recommending.

Its the same for everybody I guess, in some ways you should probably treat the industry getting back to normal, as starting your business again after a relatively long hiatus, and so start any advertising campaign or ring around your old clients, agents etc accordingly, although personally I think we are still some way to getting back to normal, June 21st is looking even less likely now than when you made the post, and talk is that its been shifted to July 5th. Rinse and Repeat, I fear - possibly for the rest of 2021.

Have you made contact with any customers?. Obviously, if you do accept a booking and take a deposit, it goes without saying that you need to continue to offer either flexibility of a postponement or deposit refund option in case we enter tiers or another lockdown. Perhaps advertise that you offer this cover in case of cancellation on your website, when answering emails etc, people like to feel re-assured even of the obvious, and it seems to be working very well for the likes of Tui at the moment!.

All in All I think, people are being more cautious than ever due to all of the empty promises and goalpost shifting, perhaps they are waiting until we have had 6 months "lockdown free" before making commitments. I suspect that when your Wedding / Holiday has already been postponed and moved twice, people start leaving longer and longer periods before re-booking.

If you use Social Media, perhaps add Andy Harris. He is still full time, and being located in Devon - I would imagine would be a good early indicator of the industry starting to return to normal over the Summer.

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