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  1. i cant pm you as i have less than 15 posts
  2. forgive me for being thick but i thought a crossover unit was in my pv118,s ,could you give me an example ie make and model, many thanks steve.
  3. i have a cam 1000 watt amp and have been offerd a behringer ep2500, would i be better buying another 1000 watt amp and use an equaliser to sort the high and low.
  4. hi folks. i have 2 peavey bass bins pv118. 8ohms max power 400 watt program. also i have 2 warfdale svp 15,s continuous 200 watt program 400 and peak 800. i currently have 3 amps which i use in bridge mod to drive these speakers bass bins i use a cam 1000 watt tops i use a gemini 400 watt and a peavey 400 watt, not the best set up so i want to buy 1 amp to drive this lot and sell the other amps any suggestions would be great. many thanks steve.
  5. hi, i have a numark mixer preamp for my decks, which was causing a hum,on my system, the power supply for the mixer preamp,has no earth prong on the power supply? mad . i have now connected a grounding wire from my main mixer to the numark and it seems to have cured the problem,however it was suggested to me that i put some ferrite rings on my power supply leads,1 at the transformer end and 1 at the connection end, has anyone had any experience with these ferrite rings and do they work, although i seem to have cured the problem,it would seem better to cure it at the source.
  6. hi every one , nice to be here. i have recently started up again, purchasing equipment etc, which i may need some help with,ie advice. we have a fixed venue,for northern soul and motown evenings once a month,however a s confidence grows i think so will we and do other stuff too. great fun. steve. :funjokeandlaugh:
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