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  1. I've done my fair share of rock DJing, having been mainly a rock DJ for some time. In that time I found myself doing dedicated rock discos for weddings and birthdays. I was slightly worried about the idea of doing a rock disco for a private function like this because as someone mentioned above, if someone turns up and doesn't know, they'll be bored! They actually turned out to be some of my most memorable nights. I'd definately agree with others though and say that the way to go is get residencies in rock bars/clubs or set up your own dedicated rock nights.
  2. Indeed David, that handsome chap sure is me :P
  3. Just a quick hi to everyone (again) I signed up here a couple of years ago and was (from what I remember) quite a regular poster. I've been away from here since just before christmas and since forgot my login details, and since I don't have access to the email I signed up with at the minute I've had to create a new one. My previous forum ID was DracPride if I remember rightly. So, once again, hi from up here in sunny Northumberland :) Feels good to be back
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