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  1. Thanks for that :) I thought that might be the case, just thought better seek advice before i try..
  2. Hi, I am pretty new so please bare with me. I am venturing out on my own once again and after 15 years things have changed a bit, its all digital and a lot more advanced than it used to be. Basically I have 1000watt digital power mixer and another 1600watt amp, I am running two 600watt top speakers and 2 800watt bass bins. This is the first power mixer I have used and I love it, but I want to make sure when i connect the other amp, i am doing it correctly and do not blow everything up. the outputs on the power mixer (not the output jacks to speakers, i am not that daf
  3. Hi, My name is Gary based in Newcastle upon Tyne, I have been DJing on and off for 25 years, over the last 15 years, mainly for other people and only every now and then. Anyway I have decided its time for me to start and do it for myself all over again, i have pretty decent rig, over 50 years of music and experience in the entertainment industry. (Music, Comedy, Wrestling and Fire Eating). So thats me, I will get onto getting into the right forum and look for my first bit of help.. good to be here. Gary
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