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  1. Highly recommend the RCF ART 710A, a pair of these with an RCF sub 705, will do to up to 200 people parties...
  2. Having departed with my DB technologies Cromo 12's due to size and bulkiness, went for a pair of RCF Art 710 A's due to them being able to fit into a boot of a small car, these speakers will be used for pub gigs, weddings, and birthday parties, and I'm wondering if the EV ZXA1 12inch Sub would be an ideal fit, reason I'm thinking of this sub is due to portability, and like the 710 A's, it's had some good reviews. Here's the specs on both sets... RCF ART 710's... Frequency Response -3 dB: 50 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz Max SPL: 129 dB Horizontal coverage angle: 90° Vertical c
  3. Whybuynew is where I get a lot of my products from, I have to agree their as the Cromos arrived in near enough brand new condition... The other products that were in my price range at the time were, Behringer Eurolive B 210D, QTX PAJ12A, and Alto TS112A 12... Behringer I've heard a lot of bad stuff about, same with QTX, and Alto I don't really know much about, so went for the DB Cromo 12 club since It has had some good reviews online...
  4. Yeah they will be used on stands, do you know of the Cromo series produces decent sound quality, I know that they are DB Technologies budget speaker... But got a good deal on them on whybuynew, they usually retail at around £600, but got a B stock pair for £418... Even though my budget is limited, Sound quality is important for me as thats a main selling point in any mobile DJ business from what I've read...
  5. Just recently purchased a pair of these active speakers for mobile DJ work in pubs/bars/small venues, and I'm wondering if they'll have enough volume for these type of venues, will be adding a sub in about a couple of months time... Here's the specs on these speakers... dB Technologies Cromo 12 Features and Specification: Speaker Type : 2-Way Active Speaker Frequency Response [-10dB] : 55 - 20.000 Hz Frequency Response [+/- 3dB] : 60 - 19.000 Hz Max SPL - 124 dB HF - 1 " Type HF : compression driver Voice Coil HF : 1.5 mm (0.06 in) Directivity : 90/70 x 60 ° Horn : Asymmetrical
  6. Will give that ago, I'm gonna buy a JBL EON518S to give the system better low end, will adding the sub make a difference when performing in pubs and small venues when it comes to putting out volume... http://www.djkit.com/jbl/jbl-eon-518s.html
  7. Just recently built a mobile dj package, and I'm wondering what the limitations of my soundsystem are, It's the JBL EON 210P which is rated 150 RMS x 2 and has an SPL of 124 db... This is the system right here... http://www.djkit.com/jbl/jbl-eon-210p-port...-pa-system.html I know I'm gonna need to add a Sub at some point, but will this system on it's own get the job done in pubs and small venues which it's aimed at...
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