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  1. Hi all. I'm a mobile DJ with a pretty basic setup. 2 speakers. 1 amp. Vinyl decks. Few lights. I'm getting quite a few gigs here and there. It's only my hobby really so not spent loads on equipment (although dread to think how much I've spent on vinyl!). However, I don't think I'm getting the most out of my speakers. I don't believe my amp is powerful enough for the speakers (I bought amp and speakers as part of a DJ package a couple of years back). I find that my amp starts 'clipping' at what I consider to be a relatively low volume. And there's always that one person that says 'turn
  2. Hi guys. You may have seen my introductory post the other day. If not, I am basically in the process of getting the equipment together to do some mobile DJ'ing (my business cards arrived today - excited!). I certainly can't host big events (yet) but can do house parties or office parties on my own. My question to you guys is: how much should I charge people if they want me to play at their party? I've absolutely no idea when it comes to this - £20? £50? £100?? Should I charge by the hour (if they just want me to play for a couple of hours at the end of the evening or something)? Or a f
  3. Hi all. Signed up to this forum a couple of days ago in the hope of getting some advice/guidance from all you fellow DJs out there. Let me introduce myself: My name is Pete (DJ name is Kick Ass). While not brand new to DJ'ing (I've had my Numark Direct Drive decks for about 12 years!) it's only been the last couple of years when I've started to properly "learn the art" of being a DJ. I've been quite lucky in that my brother's friend organises regular DJ nights at a local pub, and have done a couple of DJ sets there (first one was ok, second was much better!). Competition for spots is high,
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