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  1. OK that's done it my home printer which prints Cds has packed up. Anyone know of good cheap brands out there? I'm looking for colour photo and CD printer with seperate ink cart which are cheaper to replace. Cheers
  2. Hi Well thats just, it not nearly enough to justify getting pro-dub. I think it's just because I find it much easier to work with CD's so the bottom line is I will have to get my vynil skills up to sratch and be cone with it. You have a good point perhaps I can get used CD's for the vynil I have, but if not I will have to up my practice on the decks
  3. Doh! wasn't thinking of course can mix with mp3 players forgot. when I was getting my kit was actually contemplating on them, should have chosen a DJ CD and Mp3 player at the time. Ah well will wait for a used bargain
  4. Thanks very much for all the info sorry about the double posts trigger happy. I suppose the only negative with a sd or Usb player is I would not be able to mix on the fly, perhaps I should look into buying a dj mp3 player as a longterm addition to my set-up maybe secondhand? Any known good makes out there. I mainly wanted to upgrade my vynil though so perhaps there is no way I can get out of buying the dub license.
  5. thanks for that if i use mastermix whom say all money goes to the artist and is ppl covered do I still need to get a Pro-dub license if I put the mp3's onto disc as audio playable? or if I have a dj cd player which plays Mp3's would that save me the license? Whats the score on using Legal compilation like Now can I use them for a gig? The thing is at the mo I don't realy have enough music by far that I want to convert to cd so £250 is a lot given my situation. I know pro-dub is considering lowering the pricing structure but that hasen't happened yet Thanks
  6. Hi Most of the sites under terms restrict usage for djaying even the ones whom are named DJ.....music sites. Where can I get Mp3's from? Looking at some of my CD's they state no performance like the Now collections so can I not use them? Where do you guys get your music from? I'm looking to get a load more music and considering mp3 site would enable me to only buy what I like from an album saving loads Cheers
  7. Hi Long time since I have been on this forum. Last wedding I did, I had a chap come up afterwards asking me how he could start being a DJ in clubs. He was in his mid 40’s said he had not done it before but reckoned he has the skills and was finding it hard to brake in, I took his number and promised to get back with info. This is not my thing but does anyone know of agencies, places that would take him on? Cheers
  8. I'm competent at being incompetent. Joking aside I need to get the cert. Thanks for the offer.
  9. LOL! Thinking of learning electrics so I can do it myself :ads: Will check it out Cheers
  10. Darn CD Trustee I have logged all of my music on this thing, only to find out the following. I want to be able to print of a report say…a set list. For this I selected tracks using the Play list menu then printed it off. Though have found it does not display the slot location, useless. Now there is a ‘Note’ area on the print off that could accommodate a slot entry, which is found in the track tab window ‘Note Input’, though I would have to input every tracks respective slot for it to display. That’s thousands times an average of 18 tracks per CD, No WAY! Anyone know a wa
  11. Hi Anyone know of a reliable PAT tester, whom will come out to test without charging the earth in BLACKPOOL? Cheers
  12. Now I have a dilemma. I have designed a web page in flash. Floated it to check alls ok. But a problem has occurred. If the page is opened by direct address….djwebpage.co.uk alls fine, but if you open it using the link given by a google search it opens really small you can’t read the text and it useless. I noticed in direct address opening there is no suffix i.e. djwebpage.co.uk But opened with google it reads djwebpage.co.uk/index.swf Now If I remove the suffix from the title bar it opens up alright again. That’s no good for web surfers. Oh woe is me it’s taken such a long
  13. Oh well, there is nothing for it. Can't get round luggin it all upstairs to my PC. I must be lazy That's def on my birthday list!
  14. Now then Chaps and Chapesses Am just about to plug one of my decks into my PC so I can tinker with some vinyl. What can I attach the deck earthing lead to. You know the u shaped lead that normally connect up to the purpose screw fixing on the amp/ Mixer desk? Cheers me dears :joe:
  15. Is it me but is Traktor 3 not all it is made up to be. I’ve been tri-ling it and wander what all the fuss is about. What great things have you done with it and what gives it it’s reputation? What are the features? The talk function doesn’t seem to superimpose my voice. There is a interesting feature ( On Air ) Button what is that used for? What’s the best laptop spec soundcard you would recommend? As you can see I no not a bean about it.
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