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  1. Why charge extra for stairs?


    Its not the clients fault the venue has stairs??


    Yes it is. And it is the clients responsibility to declare these on agreeing to my T&C.


    Stairs take time to navigate and can take twice as long to get into a venue compared to easy access. This impacts on the starting time and more importantly your time at the venue will increase.


    Decsions as to whether to take a roadie or not may depend on access stairs. In addition a number of DJ's may decline the booking or take different gear to compensate for the hike up the stairs.


    Personally I charge £50 extra and the contract must be returned agreeing the T&C. If they fail to declare this, they must pay the £50 extra on the night or I will not work.


    As you say in the video, this looks to be a floor filler. You can tell from the items in the foreground that it covers a large area.


    I don't have one of these but these were highly rated by quite a few members on here when it was launched. Firstr port of call would be the retailer and ask him to check.

  3. I've had tonight's gig postponed. Its only a few miles away, but they're worried about guests getting in - I should be able to get there, but understand their concern.

    As they've got all the food+drink (its a kids party), they've re-booked for the 8th.

    From my end, I've agreed the same rate, and the date has changed (so I'm not asking for a 2nd booking fee).


    I'm hoping tomorrows gig is not cancelled...!


    If you are driving, pack munchies, drinks and blankets! I spent the night on the M11 years ago, and it was pretty horrible (but I had stocked up just before the road was blocked).


    Ah yes the M11. One flake of snow and it closes :wall:

  4. Shall I or shan't I ???


    Well there's lots of snow outside and I have a gig tonight.


    Not quite sure if I can make it there and with -8 forecast tonight even less certain if I can make it back.


    I can either give it a go or try to cancel.


    I will probably ring the client today but there's the risk thay they won't cancel on me because they don't want to lose their deposit, and wait and see if I cancel. Not bothered about the money frankly.


    What would you guys do??




    Not worth killing yourself for a few quid. Ring the client and seek agreement

  5. So I had a christmas party tonight in a venue where I haven't played before.


    I called them and explained that I was playing there tonight and if there was easy access and any stairs, they told me that I could park just outside the doors and there were no stairs.


    When I got to the venue, this was in fact true however I was booked in the room upstairs which was up 2 flights of stairs with no lift and you had to park on a busy road, doh :-0


    Normally I ask these questions in my booking form but it wasn't returned, I was just given the deposit as it was a friend of my mother in law that booked me for their xmas do.


    About 30 people there, the night was ok but not great by any means.


    Oh well, I have a wedding tomorrow where they have asked for lots of House and 90s Club Classics, woo hoo!!!!


    Hope your xmas parties tonight were a bit easier than mine :-0


    If they don't return the contract they are refusing to agee to your T&C. I wouldn't have accepted the booking.


    I too tried the same as Dave last night.


    Difficult to judge the music quality as I was standing in an alcove with the speakers on the dance floor. I tend to agree with what Dave is saying. I flicked the switch off during my last half hour and it sounded better, but this might be as the room was emptying towards the end of the function and less output was required.


    This leads me to the question what is the point of the attenuator switch on the Denon mixers?

  7. I really love manuals

    very helpful


    Thanks excalibur. have switched it on and has made a noticable difference at home. signal light is barely coming on and no limiter light. even at reasonable home vol i still managed to get the limiters knicking in with the signal light being on constantly, with the switch set to off.


    User error - i will put my hand up to that one. will see what happens tonight in the real world


    I will do the same with my 722's.

  8. The ADJ Express cant be DMX'ed but for £104 from Thomann its not bad.


    I think that each unit can be linked and controled via ADJ's basic controller. Enough for most of us.


    I wouldn't change to this or the Cougar as I am not prepared to compromise on the brightness of the unit. intend to hold on for a year or so and wait for something brighter.

  9. those acme cougars look interesting, as soon as there is an LED moonflower that comes close to the halogen ones I would definately consider them, if you are in checking them out Dave can you give us some feedback, particularly on how they look without smoke, I'm hardly ever allowed use smoke in any venue I play.


    American DJ also do the Express LED which is a goboflower LED light and these appear to be cheaper than the ACME Cougar

  10. There seems to be a lot of negative opinions regarding led lighting because of the dots of light rather than a gobo.I fail to see the difference from seeing dots all night to seeing the same gobo's all night,but I think I am in the minority


    I use both


    I use dots, moonflowers ie gobo lights and lasers. It gives a nice variation.



  11. Good set of responses so far!


    Norfolk: The rest of the client contact is that also done via email too (booking forms / contract / etc)? Interesting thanking them for their hospitality etc. what's the response rate to that email?






    David. It's about 50%. Prior to sending out the 'hospitality' email it was about 10%. It gives gives a nice selection of testimonials. Apart from my motive, clients like the 'good manners ' email and give them to query anything or rebook! I've just got one back from Saturday night.

    Hi XX


    A quick 'thank you' for your kind hospitality on Saturday night.


    Good to see so many people making the effort to turn up on a very cold night.


    Great to hear the old football songs again!


    See you at your 60th!








    Hi Rob


    Really glad you had a good night,i felt the whole night went really well,everything about it went well,thank you for your entertainment,if i ever need a disco again or know of someone who wants one i will recomend you,

    thanks again


    I used them for 20 years but not anymore.


    The three which I used varied in quality. The money was always less than what you could achieve. ie if I generally charge £250 ish for a gig, the same gig with an agent would at best leave me with £180 after taking off his 15% commission & VAT.


    All of the agents which I use failed in not providing sufficient details relating to the gig.For example if it's upstairs, or indeed even the basic question; what is the B&G first dance?


    I would tend to turn your question around. Do they you need you? It can be quite difficult to ensure that they ply you with a steady stream of work. They tend to have a pecking order!

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