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  1. Goodparty has priced itself out of the market. £3 for a general enquiry about 'how much' isn't worth it.
  2. I can recommend them but they are expensive.
  3. Yes it is. And it is the clients responsibility to declare these on agreeing to my T&C. Stairs take time to navigate and can take twice as long to get into a venue compared to easy access. This impacts on the starting time and more importantly your time at the venue will increase. Decsions as to whether to take a roadie or not may depend on access stairs. In addition a number of DJ's may decline the booking or take different gear to compensate for the hike up the stairs. Personally I charge £50 extra and the contract must be returned agreeing the T&C. If they fail to de
  4. As you say in the video, this looks to be a floor filler. You can tell from the items in the foreground that it covers a large area. I don't have one of these but these were highly rated by quite a few members on here when it was launched. Firstr port of call would be the retailer and ask him to check.
  5. Ah yes the M11. One flake of snow and it closes :wall:
  6. Not worth killing yourself for a few quid. Ring the client and seek agreement
  7. If they don't return the contract they are refusing to agee to your T&C. I wouldn't have accepted the booking.
  8. Hotel type gig available £500 ish close to Norwich. Pm/email if interested. Rob
  9. I too tried the same as Dave last night. Difficult to judge the music quality as I was standing in an alcove with the speakers on the dance floor. I tend to agree with what Dave is saying. I flicked the switch off during my last half hour and it sounded better, but this might be as the room was emptying towards the end of the function and less output was required. This leads me to the question what is the point of the attenuator switch on the Denon mixers?
  10. I will do the same with my 722's.
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