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  1. Ok, so i need to be able to shut down my account on here due to reasons we don't need to get into :P however i don't know how to do that :/ So if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Thanks for all your help]
  2. hey guys, i posted a threat on here several years ago and it comes up when i search for the venue. I wondered if there is a way i can delete the post and therefore delete the threat from google. Thanks
  3. thanks, and no i dont sing pro. I mess about a little on youtube but thats about all!
  4. Hey, i wrote this song a while ago now and have finally got around to recording it, would be great if i could have your feedback. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMfuqHncEmQ Thanks in advance
  5. after having a really good look around we have managed to get 3rd party insurance on the 206 for £2300 but that is only half of the problem. The car is used day in day out by my father so it would be pointless putting me on the insurance so then we would need to buy some beat up old thing adding around another £1000 ontop. Then theres road tax, petrol and parts because theres no way something at this price is going to run well for a year. We have had a look into it but it doesnt seem affordable especially with me wanting to go to university next year.
  6. well i have made my mind up and i think a bike is for me, i just need to convince the mother now :wall: any ideas welcome Thanks
  7. well, i am pretty sure i am going to at least try out a bike and do a days CBT. If i like it then im sure i will end up buying a bike and if not it will be a nice day out. My main issue is convincing the mum that bikes arent going to kill everyone on the planet. My much older sister once got knocked of her moped and broke a few bones, having said this she didnt have the correct protective clothing and self confesses she wasnt driving particularly safely. Either way i need to some how convince my mum a bike is a good idea for the short term. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. thanks for all your advice so far, yes i completely agree that a car would be much better but we have had a deeper look into it and its just not an option, it is far too expensive. I live in a small village and travel to school which is around 15 miles away, a journey that should take around 30 mins takes me two hours using public transport. This is the main reason for me wanting my own transport, it would make life much more efficient. I am planning on going to uni next year and so again getting a car isnt a great option a bike however could be affordable to keep at home and would still
  9. hi all, Ok, ill start with the story. Basically i recently passed my driving test and looked into getting a car, when i saw the price of insurance £5000 on a 1l pergeout 206 3rd party, i changed my mind. There is no way on earth i can afford to buy, run and insure a car. So i decided to look into getting a scooter, i only want to commute around 20 miles per day so i thought this would be adequate but then when i got talking to the man in the shop i found out i could afford a motorbike. It would be a 125cc Yamaha YBR125, so basically my question is do any of you guys have bikes? what are y
  10. wow, im amazed that you guys actually like them, i never really considered them to be very good and just did it as a bit of fun. it has given me some confidence actually to get up and do something about it, im thinking of going to my local "jam" night on Friday. Do you guys have any requests for future videos?
  11. wow thanks, i think its awful but i try my best and enjoy making them. ooh i forgot to mention Subscribe!! (thats all people on youtube seem to say so it must be good)
  12. I have just started putting videos of myself singing and playing instruments on youtube, would be great to have your feedback. everything in the videos is played or sung by me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAnKWnclE_k sorry in advance!
  13. im not shy i just dont want to be the onlyone walking around with nothing on lol, i wanted to kind of make sure my costume wasnt too bad. i might borrow a lab coat and wear that aswell
  14. Ok, I am going to the rocky horror show on friday and intend to dress up. my thoughts are to go as rocky so i got the wig, gold hotpants and shoes but im slightly concerned i dont have enough on. ive never been before so could do with some advice from many a regular visitor. what can i add to the costume to make it less revealing? why do i get the feeling im going to get funny looks aswell? if you have some pictures of your costumes that would also be good Thanks
  15. hi guys, i have just received my new LEDJ rgb 252 floods and from the instructions have managed to get them working. the thing is i want one light to be doing the inverse of the other. i know i need to change the dip settings but cant figure out what too. I would really love to have them working like this for my gig tonight so any advice on how i could do this would be brilliant. Thanks in advance
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