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    List from a 40th last week, mostly female, teens to early 30's. 8:30 to midnight. Floor was busy all night. Not in any particular order, * = request. Coast To Coast - (Do) The Hucklebuck (2:28) Tony Christie - (Is This the Way To) Amarilo (3:07)* Dolly Parton - 9 To 5 (2:34) Status Quo - Anniversary Waltz (Part 1) (4:55) Alexandra Burke Feat. Flo Rida - Bad Boys (3:24) Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (3:52) Freda Payne - Band Of Gold (2:50) Daniel Boone - Beautiful Sunday (2:57)* Tom Baxter - Better (3:30) Sam Sparro - Black & Gold (3:28) Billie Jo Spears - Blanket On Th
  2. Fekker


    Nice playlist. A lot of what I would play. With that generation there's a whole load of songs you wish you had played, but of course there's never enough time.
  3. Just a follow up to say that I am impressed with the feedback from Class-D, Peter Hotchkiss Co-Director emailed offering a full refund. I must say that I am impressed with their customer service and hope that I was sent a rogue batch that were wired incorrectly. Full marks to Class-D. the moral of this tale is, try them, if they don't suit then class-D will take them back, they offer a 14 day return period, can't say better than that! :-)
  4. After reading reviews on here about Class-d I plumped for a pair of D 158's. I must say I am bitterly dissapointed with the sound. The cabinets are out of phase and sound bad on one cab and a lot worse on both leaving a gaping hole in the soundstage. I wish I'd been able to hear them first and am going to send them back as they are not working properly.
  5. Thanks for the advice, speaker stands were my next question. I am doing it as a favour and bought the KAM on a whim at a local dealer as the amp I was given (all free from a friend0 had a Sanjin SA-5860 amp and only had 100w into 8ohm and has a dodgy volume control. The KAM is rated 200w into 8ohm and I can use it at home later so it's not that great an expense (I need a new AV amp anyway) All I need to worry about is not blowing the Peavey's then hopefully.
  6. Hi guys, I am hoping you guys can give some advice on the equipment I have at my disposal. I have a pair of Peavey Eurosys 2's and a KAM KKA400 amp. I have been asked to do the music at a friends 50th birthday at a local church hall holding about 100 or so people. Do you think this will be loud enough and of good sound quality? i will be playing 70's diso through to present day and karaoke in between. All the music/karaoke is pc based and I have 2 no brand mics and a Sennheiser 850s mic to complete the sound side. As for lighting I have only a 250 watt disco light that is sound activated an
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