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  1. Hi guys! 1st of all thanks for the response so far and plz do continue to keep more info coming my way! Dukesy thanks for ur info too dude! I may b able to go £600 for "50 plasma MAX making the 2 for £1200 put thats the limit so ill look around?!?! flightcase will b made by a friends friend (if that makes sense) in Birmingham so hopefully that should do. Any more places to hunt for one otha then Ebay? Thanks again!! keep it coming! :P
  2. Hi guys, Looks like a mixed response but a plasma might b better on the sounds of it. The only thing is... i have a budget of around £1000. Anyone know were i can get 2 plasmas for that much? The projectors would have been £350ish each (as im after 2) that would be £700 in total with £300 left to play with screens. any more recomendations either way? links or places to look? or specs etc? thanks
  3. Hi all, After purchasing my system, lights,flames and stand as well as banner and business cards. I am now after my finishing touch.... anything between a "50 to "120 screen and a good projector. I am after 2... yes 2 of each. 1 screen with projector on left and 1 screen and projector on right of my setup. Now i am new to this projection stuff. I have normal tvs in the house with normal dvd players and sky etc.. So any suggestions? will be used at parties,gigs and weddings. Must be good quality images... hopefully will be playing dvd player on it with videos
  4. hello guys, This is something i have seen>> anygood? http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR290229 Any speaker suggestions are welcome too!!! cheerz
  5. Thanks for the reply guys!!!! I will be selling or putting my equipment away and starting from scratch (might as well get it right first time! ) Please respond to the topic of "Which Amp? " its a new topic which i did just before this reply!! much apreciated!!
  6. Hi, My 2nd topic now! My 1st one got a great response and i thank people for there replies and help they gave me, as i am new to this and looking to establish myself as a dj, i need advice on amps that i am looking to purchase. Lets start!! Ok my budget : - 2 amps of up to £1000-ish (yes i know thats alot for a beginner but i dont want to upgrade in the future) Power: - aprox 1000rms a channel. thats a typical 2 channel amp. For what: - Ok, i will be doing djing for parties (halls etc > not house parties really) / weddings , aprox 100 - 350 people. I have a good a
  7. HI, thax for the advice guys.. looking at the suggestions .... dont ask me why but i like the equipment and it sounds loud and bass-ey :) The whole system has been tested on my home audio amps (as its surround) >> the connection i used for the test was as follows >> (pioneer cdj 400 >> numark mixex >> amp 1 (output thru the headphone socket) >> amp 2 >> speakers as above. basically i linked the two amps up using a jack to phono lead. from headphone out to a amp input. It sounded sweet and bass was fine. understandibly the amp ov
  8. hi, i dont have a clue about ohms / impedance / parallel wiring connections etc.... take a look at below link... these are the exact ones i purchased from the htfr (hard to find records) store.... For my mid and tweeter (x 2) http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR273031 INTIMIDATION AKA 112 - 300 WATT SPEAKERS as my single (x 1) bass bin i purchased. http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR176388 MR176388 - (skytek) MOBILE DJ (BLACK) 15" - 200 WATT SUBWOOFER And also the seperate subs x 2 (car subs now in dj bass box) http://www.thebassbin.co.uk/product.php?id=746 GT4-15
  9. hi all, as you guessed im a newbie to the djing world. Getting straight to the point!........ :cense:I have 2 x intimidation speakers (12" + tweeter) as my mid bass (vocal) and treble (sound sweet) :cense: 2 x Jbl 15" subs (car subs 250rms each) in bass box (dj bin that is - NOT CAR SUB BOX ) :cense: 1 x 15" Bass bin with 250 rms also. I have tested the exuipment using 2 home amps running together connecting them through headphone (output) to a jack to phono connection... basically to produce enough power to run this all...... however understanibly they overheat
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