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  1. Hi, can you help me with which kids tunes are currently popular with, say, under 12s. Once i get past cha cha slide/macarena/barbie girl, i get a bit stumped, so which tunes from HSM, Hairspray, Miley Cyrus and any others, can you guys recommend. Thanks in advance. Deano
  2. Eyup, although I've been a mobile dj for about a million years, I've never tried bi-amping before & I could do with some advise. I've recently acquired some more gear and so here is what I've got to play with: Gemini GX 400 speakers, D-Class CD15N Bins 3 amps: Kam KXR1500, Kam KXR1000,Synq Dig3K6 Kam KX050 Crossover, Kam KEQ152 Graphic and a BehringerVMX100 mixer (which also has an adjustable mono output for subs) Any advice on matching amps & speakers and also wiring it all up would be gratefully received. Than
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