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Constella - Getting Spares?

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So I found my old Constella Tremor while turning the house inside out to decorate.


Have plugged it in, and sadly the motor on the mirror is done. But the gobo wheel still goes; the lamp is intact; would hate to have to chuck it, as when it's working properly it's a superb light.


I've seen another thread from a few years back about Constella's owner going into retirement; does anybody happen to know the guy, and furthermore if he happens to keep any spares for the Constella fixtures?


It's a long shot, but if I can get it working again, I'll be over the moon :)

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Assuming its just a rotating mirror dish, rather than a stepper motor, then pretty much all of the mirror motors used on lighting effects of that era were all pretty similar, so the chances are that a spare for a similar effect would work fine.


A standard motor will just have two wires going to it, whilst a stepper motor will have several wires feeding it.


Constella never made their own motors, they were often supplied by various UK motor manufacturers, one of the main suppliers was a company called Rotalink, who are still pretty much up and running.




Give them a call with what you need, they are very helpful and will probably be happy to supply you with what you need, especially as the original manufacturer is no longer around.


You may also find something generic and off the shelf which will work from here http://www.terralec.co.uk/spare_parts/spar..._/10096_0c.html


The SPMOTOR20-22 and SPMOTOR30-36 are around the correct speed for a rotating mirror.


Like I say, there isn't really anything special about these motors they were always pretty basic, just make sure that you get the right voltage!.

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