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Hi, (please move to correct topic if needed)


I used to dj back in the days with my little brother at a few places in Cambridge. 1210's, DJM500 and CDJ500 setup....


due to work commitments and many let downs, sadly i couldnt continue as i didnt have any time, but my brother battled on....now mixing and producing 'dubstep' as part of 'Bar9'


anyway, seen his set up and decided i feel happy hwne i'm mixing trance etc. so looking at a digital setup


i've looked at many forums and done lots of searching and posting, some no replies but///


I seem to be tempted by the pioneer DDJt1, as it is pioneer, but was told about the S4.....so now i'm unsure?, both look really good, i've not yet had a go on both as need to pop into a shop and have a play in London...Cambridge doesnt have any shops anymore!


for what i intend to do, mix music for ipod and possible podcasts?, the T1 would be fine, all be it less effects, no deck input etc......but the S4 would sit on the desk better.....and has more effects and inputs....


i know you can only give advice on exerience and that i need to try out personally....


but anything would be greatly appreciated


i also need a usb deck to rip my vinyl so looking at the numark TTUSB??

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Sorry I have no personal experience of the products you are looking for advice on, but I didn't want to cut and run without saying welcome to the forum :cool:

"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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haha :D


no worries, i've spent the last few weeks on various forums and sites looking at these and get many answers!, with the DDJT1 now stopped production (apparently, may not be true?) so that may be a reason for the S4.....pioneer nexus package would be nice but i dont have £6k+


popping into westend DJ hopoefully tonight to have another play around...

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Hi Ben


I have the DDJ T1 must say its an amazing controller had it over 4 months now and would be able to answer any questions you need to know


DJ Jamie


Hi Jamie,


Thanks for the reply. email subscrition got stuck in my spam filter :(


i picked up the S4 last week, had a go on the systems at getinthemix, the S4, suited me better as well as its smaller size, although if it hadnt have been the fact that i was told pioneer no longer make the T1 i would have gone for that....now the SX, that was very tempting! :D


Not had much chance to play around on the S4 yet though, only on the numark deck to rip my old vinyl slowly to the pc....slowly being i seem to have to listen to it all!


i'm using beatport for mp3's, any ideas on other places, except juno as i also use that?

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