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How Dj's Create, Sample Music?

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hey guys,


Here's a quick question for ya.


Im just starting off with trying to introduce myself to Dj'ing, Ive loved all sorts of Dj's for years now, but havent tried doing anything about it myself until now.


few quick q's :


1.) how do the dj's create their music? on computer using programs like tractor Dj? fruit loops? then produce onto vinyl?


2.) when it comes to sampling, do you need permission off the original creator to use it? if so is that not a lengthy process if your dj'ing weekly? (i.e sesame street theme tune...funny quirky phrases to chuck into your mxes?


3.) how easy/ long does it take to create your own sample? I know it depends if you have vocals included...





thanks fellas!


Sªmmie :)

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in answer to your questions


1. A lot do use p.c.'s but generally not the proggies you mentioned. Cubase has been one of the most popular over the last few years. However that doesnt generate any noise., more of a mastering programme. I have used propellerheads reason which I found quite easy to use as long as you had a basic understanding of music timings. that with a keyboard linked via midi... the right samples and you can create practically anything that is produced today ( by the electronic artists) although dont expect it to be as easy as you might think. Also the s/w the professionals use aint cheap. Reason cost me £600.


2. Yes. certainly if you want to do anything with your final mix.


3. It depends what you are sampling and what equipment you have to do it. with the exception of vocals most ( instument ) samples can be purchased. If you want to sample someone elses track then you will need either a s/w or hardware sampler.


Their are companies that will do very short run CD to vynil transfers.... or you can now buy a vynil cutter quite reasonably ( depending on your defenition of reasonable)



The oldest swinger in town....... probably. Happy Easter.. well I have seen easter eggs in the shops

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