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  1. I believe it is an Invision forum....albeit a very old version
  2. I used to check this forum on a phone app but for the life of me I cannot remember which one, anyone any ideas ?
  3. Get rid of the music downloads it is illegal, unless of course you own the rights to those songs. Good start to the site but as someone above said a few pictures of your setup might be worth while
  4. I am currently in China and looking to source a star cluster laser to import into the UK. I have already got a couple of samples CE and ROHS approved ....however with import duty etc they will sell in the uk for approx £50. ( same as the Kam model that retails for £89 at the moment) Just not sure if it is worth the hassle. they are a great little laser and easily fill a whole room...I think someone bought and reviewed one on here a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I have an agent here in China to do the export stuff for me ( my son ) who will also get the uk spec power supply ( the
  5. Gremlins ! Do I get the beer :joe:
  6. Yet another one appears !! I have just recieved an email from someone called SuperTed ( honestly) they claim to be an entertainment directory. They have given me a free account and put my main area down as Southend on sea !! :wall: What absolute idiots, that has put me off them before I even look at their website. I think I am going to start one.....hmmm now what shall I call it ... send me money for nothing dot com OK you lot expect an email from me in the very near future giving you all a free listing and putting you down in an area at least 150 miles from you base. I
  7. Had a very busy January, but only a few gigs in February, which to be honest suits me as it is a nice rest after a very hectic December and Jan. Looking foward to going to China in just under 2 weeks time. Visiting Shanghai, ( where my son Lives), Beijing & Xian. Going to need the rest as when I get back working every weekend thro march, April, May. Hope all goes well for you Jason.
  8. Hmmmm I thought you were joking ......about being a Mason
  9. I like the analogy with the Masonic Lodge :joe: Even if incorrect Maybe you need the correct handshake or the secret password to get into the wedding fayre :pro: hmm I needed a Masonic smiley for that..... Must go find one !
  10. I have also been getting a lot of unsolicited emails from them as well. Think tomorrow I will craft them an email saying I am going to report them as spammers. All of the leads they have sent me have been at the other end of the country so pretty useless.
  11. Fanhams hall ? although not sure you would call that mid priced. ware priory is nice as well
  12. Not sure what happened to this regular post so thought I would resurrect it. had a late Xmas party in London last weekend and tomorrow a wedding at Pendley Manor in Tring. setting up in the morning so it's going to be a long day. Apart from rushing the tax returns what are the rest of you up to
  13. :welcome: and it is great that you are passing on your skills to your daughter. their are too few female DJs out there
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