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  1. Good suggestion i think i will measure the space in the bac of my van before i make it just to check it will fit and i was thinking of either getting or making a ramp to be able to just roll it up in to my van then id even have the ramp if i was to turn up at a gig and find out there were a few steps to enter a venue was thinking of making a smaller ramp for any kerbs
  2. Hi every one i am thinking of making a lighting equipment road case if any one has any suggestions or any ideas or possible design's all suggestion's given will be gratefully recieved thanks im looking at making one about 4ft long 2ft wide and not sure about depth between 3 or 4 ft with maybe a fixed hinged lid and not sure if i should make a shelf so it could be like a two tier case thanks
  3. Hi everyone just thought id try this and got to 15khz through my laptop speakers so i dont think i done too bad couldn't find my headfones so didn't try with them good fun to try though
  4. Thanks for those and liking the sound of the shaun of the decks one
  5. Anything really the info i can think of giving you at the moment is my name is shaun ive got a white van really i would like something funny but with something hidden in the name but any ideas given will be taken into consideration thanks guys glad to be here
  6. Hi Everyone im new to the site and newly looking at starting out as a mobile dj but would really like help with a name for a mobile disco im looking for something whitty and memorable my name is shaun thanks for any help in advance
  7. hi just checked out your video of your speaker tyres they look really cool how did you come up with the idea i like the idea of 1 as a light box but aren't they heavy
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