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  1. wahee

    Conga Track

    good track also. tequila by the cramps? dunno if it would work
  2. wahee

    Conga Track

    I like that:) love train is a great track. thanks
  3. wahee

    Conga Track

    TOPIC MOVED hi I'm doing a wedding 3rd July and have been asked to do a conga track near the end. Apart from 'everyone do the conga' or hot hot hot, any good tracks ? The couple are pretty musically literate (apart from the conga:) so I was out to impress on the night.
  4. thanks for all the info. I have had no luck with getting the dvds on the computer so I think I will just stick with playing the tracks from the DVD's. Any new stuff I am buying on cdg. Just wondered about another issue... My mixer does not have reverb/echo. I intent to use a computer for Karaoke. Can I just add a small reverb in line with the mic input. I already have a R100 yamaha reverb unit. I have seen various mic amps with echo builtin but was a bit dubious about the quality.
  5. hi I have been getting my computer karaoke player together and have a few tracks in cd+g format which play great. I already had some DVD's and wanted not to have to use the disks with the new computer I see there are several convertor programs but none seem to mention dvd to cd+g. Does anyone know of any? cheers
  6. hi I still have not got around to getting sorted for karaoke. I have been deciding which system to go for.Forum members kindly pointed me in the direction of s good startup kit featuring a player some disks & mics. I have been looking at software systems too,Karafun etc. But was a little unsure of things. I take it with a laptop it will display the video out via VGA and audio into my mixer in the normal way. Singers mic(s) would connect into the mixer through a reverb type of device (which I have)? There seem to be advantages in using software in finding songs etc. But some of
  7. It's been some time since I have done a wedding gig. Im just feeling a little under confident. Its actually a repeat booking. The last gig I did for them I was not that happy with myself, but I got a repeat from them, so I was surprised. Music wide I think it will be an older crowd, so plenty of classic 60's 70's and usual wedding floorfillers. The woman has not picked a first dance yet so need to get that sorted or just choose on the evening Gig setup at 7.45-8.00 playing to 1.00 with a break for some nibbles All the best Alan
  8. some great info. Many thanks. I am a bit nervous about hosting the karaoke also. But if I feel I have good equipment,, it's always reassuring. I was thinking of using my spare laptop for the karaoke, but I thnink the dedicated hardware player maybe better as it has mic inputs and pitch control plus I dont need software.
  9. hi that is super. A great deal of info there. I may invest in a decent player as I like to do a good job and get a decent reputation. I already have the behringer triple pack as I am into recording etc anyway so that is one less thing to buy. I may need to invest in a portable screen for lyrics as the club has a flat screen bu it is badly positioned but I may be able to work something out with them. Many thanks again
  10. hi all I have been doing a very successful gig every 6 or 7 weeks in a local club., They have now asked me if I can do some karaoke. I have never used this before and I am a totaly newbie. Basically is it a matter of running a dvd through a display with the song words on and the singer(s) mics going through my mixing desk into the main mix with the dvd? cheers Alan
  11. HI all I Havnt been doing as many gigs over the summer & I have a wedding next month. Are there any recommendations for new end of the nigh must plays. I heard a very good remix of I predict a riot by Kaiser chiefs - so muush get that cheers http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/smile.gif
  12. grandmaster flash - white lines was a surprise very big hit. Plus Basement Jaxx - Good Luck
  13. just did a gig in Belfast castle. Really nice guests for a change. Even offered to buy us drink and carry gear to the cars at the start and end. The brides father worked for the BBC so I wanted the sound quality to be good. I had a few problems locating a working power socket http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wacko.gif thankfully I had 2x 25 meter extension leads to hand. A lot of the guests were from London and it was their first time inN ireland - so hopefully they enjoyed themselves. Music that workied well - White lines, superstylin, Love cats, & usual Abba - does your
  14. wahee


    hi theres a really nice white label mix of Lisa stanfield - People hold on Plus an oldie - M factor - Mother, Future Funk - Willbery Tracks just a few of my faves
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