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  1. Hi can you help me please. I keep loosing my top end tweeters after approx 1 hr of playing. My first speaker sytem was bought brand new as a package which was two 15" bass bins and two 12" tops and amplifier. The second system this happened on was a DJ Tech Proffessional Cube 350 which has one 15" subwoofer with built in amp and mixer and two satalite spaekers. The same thing happened. Can you help me please. Thanks
  2. Ive Never done A hen Party before but I would think would be great fun!!! . Go for Itttttttttt . Cant wait till I get a booking.
  3. Hi Thanks , It looks like the tweeters have blown , there is a small printed board inside the top bins which has burnt causing the tweeter to stop working although the 12" driver works ok. Ive been told to buy a crossover unit and run two amps. What you think caused it. Thanks
  4. Good Morning , Can someone help me please. I am new to Mobile Dj'ing and this week bought a Speaker package (BRAND NEW) which included 2x 15" Bass Bins and 2x 12" Top bins and a 1000w Amplifier. I connected the Top bin to the Bass Bin and then the Bass Bin to each side of my amp. The Sound was really good for approx 40mins then suddenly the sound went quiet. I appear to have lost my high end (Treble) and i noticed an electronic burning smell from one of the top bins. I managed to finish the party (but seemed all low end) . Thank god it was only a 2hr party. Can you please advise if i had conne
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