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    Professional - I D.J as a full time occupation
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    restoring: - 1970's and 1980's disco lighting.<br />so far: - <br />Lampo UFO<br />Lampo cosmos Ball<br />UFO<br />Revolving Tumbling Ball<br />Clay Paky Astroraggi<br />Clay Paky Astrdisco<br />2 20 bulb Harvesters<br />2 16 bulb rolling boxes<br />2 lampo fanlights<br />Lampo double Derby<br />6 par 56 spinners<br />Nisel 6 head par 56 scanner<br />F.A.L 5 lens scanner<br />2 Clay Paky astrodisco <br />2 12 bulb rolling boxes<br /><br />Restoring classic cars have got 7 in my collection in various states of repair.<br />I Need more Time ......
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