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Interview With Digital Distortion

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It's that time again when a member reveals all :joe: This time it's Roy aka DDD


1. What is your DJU Forum Alias?


Digital Distortion


2. What is your Real Name, Age, Location & Marital Status?


Roy, 49, Borehamwood (Hertfordshire), Married


3. What is the Name of your Disco?


Digital Distortion Disco - often shortened to D3 as the full name becomes a bit of a tongue twister when tired (or otherwise affected) - try it!!!


4. How long have you been a DJ?


First started at the age of 12(ish) - Homemade plinth with BSRs, Orange/Davoli cabs etc. Carried on regularly until 19, then after only for fun. Played some big venues at the time as well. Started again two years ago after going to a series of parties and realising that I could (IMHO) do better!


5. What inspired you to become a DJ?


Back then? Probably because I was too lazy to practise my guitar, but still wanted to do something! Now? See above.


6. Are you a Full/Part Time DJ? If part time what else do you do?


Part Time. Until 21st December, I was a Data Analyst - made redundant (brilliant Xmas present). I guess I still am. I just haven't found anyone daft enough to take me on yet!


7. What is your favourite type of function now? (eg: Wedding, 18th Birthday party, etc)


They all are. my least favourite is probably early teens, though. They think they know the lot!


8. What’s the worst/most embarrassing thing you've done in front of an audience?


Probably from my earlier days. I used to be the DJ at a pub in Primrose Hill (Lansdowne) when they had strippers, and I was on the stage next to them. When they got to the end of their sets, I was always (always) watching them rather than listening to the music, so I never hit the right cue or into!


9. If you could go back to the beginning of your DJ career is there anything that you'd do differently? (eg: The gear that you bought, the way you promoted/advertised yourself)


This time around? I would probably have created a different set up. I use too many cables (which can degrade the sound), and I bought too many lights.


10. What do you feel you offer the public that convinces them to book you rather than "the next guy/girl"?


I don't think I do offer anything different, except that I am willing to take on many gigs that others won't (foreign music or whatever). I find that I am able to talk to potential clients (always been a forte), and they obviously like my assurances/promises (whatever). My conversion rate is probably better than 90%.


11. Have you ever bought something for your show that you wish you hadn't? and why?


The above mentioned lights. They look good, but they're a (heavy) pain. 2 banks of 4 effects, and no wind-ups on my T-Bars!!!!


12. What's your next DJ purchase likely to be?


LED lighting (obvious really....)


13. If you could get someone to invent a new piece of disco equipment for your show, what would it be?


It would be really nice if somebody could do to amps/speakers what LEDs have done for lighting!!!


14. What was the worst equipment failure suffered during a gig?


Haven't really had one. At the beginning my laptop had a habit of occasionally freezing, but I found out that turning on the laptop and harddisk asap, and giving them time to 'warm up' solved that!


15. What do you think is the best thing about DJing?


Gets me out of the house/away from the box! No, I like the idea/fact of being 'the entertainer'. I hope that doesn't sound pretentious. It's not meant to be. I think you'll all know what I mean.


16. What do you think is the worst thing about DJing?


The length of time it takes to come down after a gig!


17. What would make you stop DJing (if anything)?


If I didn't enjoy it, or became physically unable (in whatever way) to function properly.


18. How do you think DJing will change, in the next 5 years?


That's a hard one. I think that times will get tougher. The John Wayne Fan Club is spreading like a virus, and unless the new license discussions bare workable and enforcable regulations at a reasonable cost, then I think we could be overwhelmed!


19. Most stupid thing anyone's ever said to you at a gig?


Can't really think of anything....


20. Best advice you were ever given by a fellow DJ?


Don't expect too much. Take whatever gigs you can when you can. Don't plan too much financially. Enjoy it!


21. And worst advice you were ever given?




22. How do you keep up to date with music? (eg Promo monthly CDs, Downloads, Purchase from retailer)


Mainly downloads. I stay ahead by using a listing of forthcoming releases. I can generally get them weeks/months ahead of the release date.


23. Name 3 songs that 95% of the time will fill the dance floor for you!


The one question I dreaded... However, I can say that when we (my son and I) get to this part of the evening, I hand everything over to him....


Cha Cha Slide


La Vida Loca



24. One piece of advice you'd give to someone just starting out.


Exactly the same as given to me. See above!


25. What medium format do you mainly use eg vinyl, CD, hard-drive?


Hard Drives.


26. Have you embraced/adapted any ideas that you've read about on DJU - if so what?


Contract documentation/wording. Meeting with clients whatever the event.


I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any....it's the advanced years!


27. What is your best gig ever and your worst?


Best: This New Years Eve....7 Hours of fun and music. Three cheers and a standing ovation at 2.30 am!!!


Worst: A 14th Birthday Party. Too many know-all early teens with lots of requests (demands) for obscure tracks (didn't catch us out, though!), and all they do is stand outside the hall (or wherever) and fart about!!!!!


28. What is your main (most successful) form of advertising your disco?


The ever popular WOM, and stangely enough: Yell


29. Are you a member of a DJ Association / Union?


Musicians Union


30. Add any additional comments which you would like to include here...


I've just noticed that I've been sat here with this for 45 mins already. Does it never end?


31. How many gigs do you do a year, how many would you like to do?


Around 30, and building. Around 100.


32. What is your average charge for a booking?


Varies greatly depending on the event. Around £200 when I take into account the specials (PTAs etc).


33. How many tracks do you have in your music collection?


Around 19,000


34. Have you ever had someone try to claim off you? (eg: Public Liability Insurance or other such legal action)




35. What is your favourite music genre?


Personally....Heavy in any shape, age or form!

Professionally...RnR, 60s, Reggae!



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