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Yep me again! :D


Asking if anyone has experience of using Google Adwords, as I have been advertising in a couple of the 'wedding planner/organiser/how to' books handed out at wedding fayres etc. and in a couple of other magazines but have had nothing back from any of them. At a cost on average of £250 a half page each ;thumbdown:


Yes, I am in yellow pages and Yell.com and have had a couple of bookings come through these but I usually pick up my gigs from people in the audience and cards handed out on the night but I WANT MORE :damn:


Planning to divert advertising spend into the website as I feel that this is where most potential clients look for my services ( anyone agree / disagree?)


So is Google Adwords a good way of spend our hard earned?


Interested to hear any comments good or bad! :thanks:

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I used it years ago before it gained the popularity that it has now, and even then the results were mixed at best.


The last time I tried to use it, the cost of a keyword for popular terms was about 50p per click. Also remember that google can't and wont be able to differentiate between a genuine potential client making a click through and some nosey other DJ / somebody wanting to sell you advertising.


Paying 50p a click is bad enough, but to pay 50p just for another competitor (DJ) to have a nose at your website, or for some owner of a Wedding Directory to visit your site in order to harvest your contact information in order to spam you to death with offers to join their directory :rolleyes: just adds insult to injury.


If you want to make it work, avoid common terms like 'Mobile Disco', 'Wedding Disco' or anything 'DJ' related as these fetch big money if you want to appear near to the front page. Instead focus on something more regional or little used niche keywords that nobody else has thought off, as these will cost less and will probably gain more results.

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I've used it on and off through the years. Never with good results.

As Mcardle says, niche works best, and at some point you'll be paying for the local competition to check your site out.


I know some people here have seen better results, and this topic has been disccussed in the past, so perhaps try to search feature to see what comments were made then.


Adding content with keywords to your local area, covering all any villages/towns/suburbs will help. Some DJ's list the venues they have played at, and I wonder if this also helps with SEO - rather than simply try to impress a potential client.


Spending time on content for your site (perhaps a Venue directory?) will help long term and be cheaper than paid-for advertising.

Getting to the top of google for Mobile DJ "yourtown" should be achievable, and is more likely to give better results.


If you do decide to go Adwords, then create different campaigns with different text, and really work hard on targetting key phrases (as opposed to keywords).


wedding dj southend

mobile dj bocking

mobile disco potters bar




trying to get the main keywords (ie wedding dj/mobile disco) are far too generic and will be hotly competed by nationwide multi-ops. Keep things niche and local :-)


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If anyone needs some ebooks on Googles Adwords just pm me

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