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  1. Ok guys... just a reminder - if you've not submitted your returns YET... the deadline in Monday 31st. This does not take long if you have a record of expenses (music, gear, traveling etc), and gigs (income). Profit = Income - Expenses You will pay 25% or above tax on your profit, hence the need to keep good records of your expenses... If you work full-time (like me), your personal allowance will be swallowed by your salary. If you DJ full-time, then you can use your personal allowance (approx £4K) towards your DJ income, At this point in time, if you've not sub
  2. I played in this new venue in early March 2010. The Barn is a purpose built, new wedding venue. There are 3 main areas; -Ceremony Hall -Dining Area -Reception Area On their website, it looks as if these are all separate barns, but they are not. I've sketched a rough layout.. Pics; http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=251527 There IS a sound level monitor in the venue. Luckily, I was running off the unswitched sockets, so was unaffected when the band tripped the system. The Sound Level monitor is a traffic light system, and was trigg
  3. Hi Guys, I've kinda settled on using Joomla for my new website. However, the terminology is doing my head in! I have 1001 other things to do, but really want to get the site with content/sections to suit what I want. My existing site is mainly static, created in Dreamweaver, and now old. Things I need a hand with; -Gallery -Blog/News area (for search engine content) -Different areas (sections?) - still not worked out what I want here. -Contact form It's installed on a subdomain, and appears to be running (with a bunch of plugins that came with the template). Howev
  4. Has anyone played here? I have a wedding coming up soon. Thinking about parking/access/management Thanks, Jason
  5. Has anyone played this venue? Could possibly have a wedding booking there.. Thanks, Jason
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