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Kam 6 Wireless Microphone System

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Just broken my coller bone yesterday with my Alevel exams starting in 4 weeks!

So thought i would use some of my spare time to write this review.



I wanted a wireless mike and did not want to shell out £150+ for a senhiser or shure so i bought this!


KAM6 http://www.kam.co.uk/index.php?action=prod...;product_id=111


for £40!

cheapest mike with AB switching!


I am impressed! I connected it up to my carlsbro gamma 15" active to do a little test.


Sound quality was brilliant although not up to sm58 standard none of the general public would be able to tell the difference.


The range was probably more than the 50m stated!


Also one other thing however loud i cranked it up and however close i put it near the speaker i could not get any feedback out of the thing!


It must have some kind of feedback killer built in! Very handy!

No noticeable interference.






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