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  1. Could you by any chance give a link of the plans I've been looking for ages but can't find anything.
  2. This sounds exactly like the problem i have with my carlsbro gammas!
  3. Hello, I've been looking for a free signal generator software to test my speakers but can't seem to find one. Any suggestions? Thanks llyr
  4. no second hand, yeah just masking the problem.
  5. No it still does not work properly just makes the problem less obvious. I know what you mean you probably think my knobs are out of place maybe half way when there meant to be on zero, there definitely something going wrong inside.
  6. Hello I have a pair of carlsbro gamma 15" active speakers, one has been louder than the other since buying them on ebay but i didn't mind this, but last night i was doing a 40th wedding anniversery and one was perfectly good and the other only seemed to produce highs out the tweeter only a small amount of lows and mids, untill i played with the eq on it (all flat to begin with). Any ideas on what could be wrong? It definitely not my mixer. Is there a place where I could get the schematic?
  7. yep, no went for a break off revising on the bike and crashed!
  8. Hello, Has anyone here broken theirs? I was meant to do a gig this Friday! How long did it take you to recover? Thanks Llyr,
  9. Hello, Just broken my coller bone yesterday with my Alevel exams starting in 4 weeks! So thought i would use some of my spare time to write this review. I wanted a wireless mike and did not want to shell out £150+ for a senhiser or shure so i bought this! KAM6 http://www.kam.co.uk/index.php?action=prod...;product_id=111 for £40! cheapest mike with AB switching! I am impressed! I connected it up to my carlsbro gamma 15" active to do a little test. Sound quality was brilliant although not up to sm58 standard none of the general public would be able to tell
  10. crushed velvet looks good! thanks for the help!!
  11. All i want is a a big black piece of cloth / fabric to put over the table i'm using when Dj'ing! To hide all the mess going on under the table?! Can't seem to find anythin suitble anywhere! Any ideas?! Thanks!
  12. Hello, My six form ball is on Thursday night and I'm just thinking of some games we could all play at the start of the evening. Found this on the web, Any other good games or ideas you can think of? Thanks Llyr!
  13. Okay I have a 18th this week wanted to play some funny things crowd can shout to and laugh to. Here are a couple i have thought of. Please add to the list with your suggestions! Cisco Kid - Pizza man Nelly the elephant Fresh prince of bel air theme tune (they love it) Scooby doo Thanks!
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