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I have been playing with VDJ home version for a while now and find it really good.

I have just bought a DJ controller but find that VDJ will not work with external controllers unless you upgrade to the Full Pro version. Unfortunatley it is about £250.

I`ve tried Serato intro but that only works with a controller and doesn`t have any PC controls.

Traktor LE is also quite good but has anyone used the Traktor 2 that retails for £80. Is it much better than LE.??

I would like to stay with VDJ but not at that price.

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Will you be using VDJ for a hobby or actually to DJ with to paying customers?


If it is a hobby, then understandable that you'd think it's expensive, however if it's to actually DJ for paying customers, then £220 is peanuts.


I own the Denon HD2500 and am thinking of either getting a Pioneer MEP7000 or another HD2500 for backup - either of which will cost me more than £220 (more than double in the form of the Pioneer) but I use it week in, week out so over the course of 3 years, it pays for itself constantly......

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VDJ does seem expensive when you buy it outright but if you bought a controller that came with the LE version, don't forget that you will get a discount on an upgrade to Pro.


Also worth mentioning is that VDJ Pro is a once only purchase, you get free lifetime upgrades to the latest version.



Dance Sounds Disco


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