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Vdj Full Pro Only Version For Controllers?

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I have been using the free basic version of VDJ and realy love it, but recently bought a controller and find that a controller is not usable with it. Mailed tech and was told to buy Full pro version but it is about £250.

Some dj`s have been using VDJ LE that came with some hardware but it cant be used unless you have the original serial No.

Any comments please.

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I use to have an old saying that went along the lines of, "if you have a use for something and really need it then you'll pay for it, no matter how much it costs"


The fact you are debating over the price, I suspect means you are hesitant about buying it, which makes me wonder whether you really need one and can get by without it.


Or you can buy a serial number.


I think that just about covers your choices :D


At the end of the day, if you are a professional DJ (one who charges money for their services) then its a piece of tax deductable hardware which costs the price of a couple of gigs, but only you can decide whether its worth that investment.

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Have you tried Traktor.

I have been using it for a while now and find it works very well and it is much cheaper than VDJ.

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Get in touch with VDJ support.


I bought a B Stock Hercules RMX a few years ago which didn't come supplied with VDJ LE (I knew this when I bought it to be totally honest).

I emailed VDJ explaining I had bought a b stock controller that was missing it's VDJ LE disc, they incredibly kindly sent me a new CD and serial number :D


I upgraded to pro shortly after when I was sure I wanted to stick with being a software & controller DJ.



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