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  1. im actually selling an active sub at the moment on ebay, wharfedale evp-x15pb. its quite cheap but does the job when needed
  2. im selling this as i dont use it at many venues because the venues are very small. When i do decide to use the sub it makes the sound so much fuller and deeper. these are £389 new 400watt active sub looking for £250 ono the carpet on the front edges have come off on my sub but sounds perfect
  3. like new £225+postage i still have the original box for this. im getting a nuark dds instead. south wales for collection
  4. haha he would never let me loose with them. he's fussy like that. everythings gotta be perfect if i gave them back he would find a problem haha are the rcf 712a as good as the 715a
  5. my dad uses rcf 715a's for live gigs and loves them
  6. been hearing mixed reviews on these now some good, some really bad i think i might hold out and get some rcf 715a or qsc k12/15
  7. has anyone used these. thinking of getting a pair instead of my yamaha msr400
  8. american audio q-2422 pro mixer cortex hdc 3000 media player numark dds HDD part with 160GB HDD light up usb keyboard in a flight case wharfedale evp-x15pb active sub pair yamaha msr400 active speakers t-bar light stand cost acme littled light wildtech fascination light £1400 south wales area anyones welcome to come to test the setup may sell the flightcased equipment seperate to the speakers
  9. looking to get some 15" speakers soon but need to sell these to fund the purchase http://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/proaudio/...00/#tab=feature looking for £580 for the pair these have a RRP of £399 each
  10. im selling a dj io at the moment. brand new but i opened the box and closed it again. thats all its done. let me know if you interested
  11. them solar 250 lghts have some mad effects but are still very expensive to buy
  12. i know the 250watt stormbird was awesome. very powerful light but i havent witnessed the led version.
  13. i have been having freezing issues but getting less and less as im going through my music and sorting it out a bit. done 2 disco's with it so far and it froze once but i was playing a cd at the time through the mixer so it didnt effect the disco in anyway
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