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    Singles night i do once a month 19:19 : Fairground Attraction - Perfect 19:21 : Pitbull feat. T - Pain-Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) (Aj Fire Mix) 19:23 : Rihanna - S&M (Dave Aude Club Mix) 19:31 : Jls_Fe._Dev - She_Makes_Me_Wanna_(Steve_Smart_&_Westfunk_Club) 19:35 : Pitbull feat. T - Pain-Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) (Aj Fire Mix) 19:39 : Weekend Warriors - Don't Stop Believin (Original Mix) 19:45 : David Guetta feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj - Where Them Girls At (Afrojack Remix) 19:51 : Flo Rida - Good Feeling (Jaywalker Remix) 19:56 : Maroon 5 Feat. Ch
  2. hi ya guys and girls iv been asked to service a hotels disco set now iv had to change the cd decks and they was hammered and one of there amps was dead now it was was a 185w @ 8 OHMs and 300w @ 4 OHMs per channel. I want to replace it with with the KAM KXR600 but as iv only been DJing sins Jan this year so i dont really know whats a good amp to get IE dont want to get one that will go bang in no time as all. rory
  3. funny you should say that got a call tonight and we are going again tomorrow !!! let the fun begin
  4. hi guys im a new dj myself but i have been helping other djs get on to laptop for the last 2 years. My thorghts on hard drives giving up is yes thats never going to be good but i allways set them up with 2 laptops and the music usb drive but allways have music on the local drive as well so they can change fast as there fingers and move. as SSD Drives are coming down in price i plan to get a 500GB SSD drive for my laptop and split it in to 100GB - 400Gb and have all the music on the 400GB side now what this means is show i have a software problem i can jump over to Cds or the 2nd laptop and kee
  5. on the 17/03/11 i was doing a wedding with the Dj thats showing me the ropes we had to be there at 3:30 and finish at 1am for a crowd of 60+ and how disco kicked of for about 7pm after they had there meal and drinks and speach's. grom was a reck for his first dance with his new wify something iv seen befor so once he had got a few down him he was ready something i think we have all seen got all the dance's down and got the disco under way by 8ish and how at 8:30 rob the Dj of 37 years whos showing me the ropes said to me just got to run someone home will you be ok (OMG went throw my head) i sa
  6. thanks guys i was having a job sorting out this box set now its looking a lot fuller now should do a good reggea set now... i have my fist solo on the 1st april so need to be ready really lol by the time i get there i would have co-DJed at about 12 gigs and the guy showing the rope will only be in the other room and a text away lol im thinking as its a singles night with age ranging from 20 to 55 im thinking of starting in the chart music and work my way back to reggea with that new reggea song hold you by gyption then move in to the 80's turns and take the last 2 hours home wi
  7. hi guys im new to the game and im a bit short on my reggea IE i dont know the names of great songs to play i think i have about 7 tracks at best downloaded and ready to go but would love to know what reggea works out there ??? heres what i have so far shes alright bitty mclean it keeps raining bitty mclean mysterious girl peter andrea (think i spelt that right) sweets for my sweets cj lewis tease me chaka demus and pliers you can get it if you reaily want it dekker desmond i dont wanna dance eddy grant lets talk about sex salt N pepa twice my a
  8. hi ya i would sack vista and get your self on windows 7 works 100 times better than vista and Virtual DJ works just fine
  9. i will admit to being a little bit mic sky at the moment although as with time and experience that will come to pass I'm looking to get experience in all kinds of aspects of the being a DJ the guy I worked with at the moment you didn't live kids parties and school discos as well as a resident DJ at Hotel that hosts a single thing once a month for a very popular datein site which a very good event I find them to be quite fun although he have the option to an alcoholic drink and never will I think drinking on the job is very unprofessional and and I can concentrate properly anyhow if the other
  10. hi ya guys thanks for the welcome im based in northampton town centre im looking to DJ in pubs and hotels and once i have my wings then maybe clubs. Im working with a Mobile DJ of 20 years he does school discos weddings partys and hotels so im picking up all sorts of things and ways to do things. I find this gives me the chance to use his equipment and learn at the same time while I saved up to buy my own kit but only really been started since Christmas 2010 about eight weeks experience so far but I have enjoyed it quite a lot let's face it we get to play all the good music as loud
  11. hi ya guys and girls im new here and new to being a DJ so hoping you guys can help me out a bit rory
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