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  1. Hi Guys ive recently finished my DJ career and have just a few more items to clear :- 8 x Martin 812 Scans ( all need new lamps) pioneer CMX 5000 CD Player Ecler Pam 2400 Amp 600 + 600 I x Pair LD Systems Active Bass Bins (Almost New) Any sensible offers for any of the above as I need to clear everything soon Alan
  2. Ive always been with o2 and had no problems always get good reception wherever i am at home or abroad even where other networks fail to connect
  3. I have for sale a pair of LD Systems active bass cabs LDE Kappa15 450 watt built in bang & olufsen amps these have only been used approx 5 times as i have now given up my dj business £600 for the pair cost twice that. For collection only
  4. I have for sale 8 martin 812 scans all have been refurbished and require new lamps £65 each or a discounted price if you buy all 8 Would prefer them to be collected
  5. I have the following remaining items for sale: Pair of LDE Systems Kappa 15A Bass Cabs (Active) 450watt Used about 5 times £600 4 x NJD Datamoon £200 4 x Martin 812 Scans 9All need new Lamps) £65 each JTS 8001D UHF Diversity Radio Mic (Almost New) £100 Antari Z300 Haze Machine £95 Pioneer CMX 5000 CD Player £350 Swanflight Combi CD/Mixer flightcase 3u cd remote /2u cd Tray / 8u Mixer £75 All bulky items for collection only
  6. Well thanks for sharing it with us . Its with this and the fact people just dont want to pay the fees anymore that i reluctantly decided to cease trading after over 35yrs in the business. I found that i was just not earning the sort of money i needed to sustain the business. The fees are getting lower the parties are getting smaller and the work is getting harder to entertain them . I have now done my last booking the van has been sold and now all the equipment is for sale. Alan
  7. For sale Maya 44 PCI Audio Interface
  8. I have a number of DMC Vinyl Mix Albums from the 90's that I am wanting to sell if anyone is interested Alan
  9. Well after nearly 40 years in the Dj Business ive made the decision to finally hang up the headphones. So at the end of august everything will be for sale as a whole or individually. the lack of any quality work and the current trend of cheap and cheerful brings me to this decision.
  10. stoke53


    ill be glad when they faze has fizled out I hate them with passion Alan
  11. I had a £30 voucher a while ago tried it but it did nothing for me. alan
  12. Ive used both the giraffe and the ultimax and the ultimax wins hands down for versatility and build quality, go for the best you wont regret it but go for the cheaper option and you will have wished youde have gone for the best. Alan
  13. Its ok if you can just wheel it in but what about steps bit heavy to carry even up a coupe of steps. Alan
  14. When i used to hire equipment as well as the usuall signed contract and proof of id i used to take a note of the car registration and make without the customer knowing. Alan
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