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  1. 2 gigs available if interested, pm me or better still email me davekayani@gmail.com
  2. There is only one programme if you ask me and that is Serato scratch but yo uneed to hook it up to iether cd or vinyl decks to enjoy it. It has never crashed on me and ive been using it a year and a half two to three times a week at gigs.
  3. You could always get them, use them for a bit then sell them on. that's what i would do. But def get some bass bins in. I run 2 12" tops and Bass bins from the Gamma Range. Just my thoughts....
  4. serato is what i use and it is incredible!
  5. guys im doing a birthday party for a 7 year old i have a coupla of games, any games are pointers appreciated, but what on earth do i play for them???? Thanks Dave
  6. Hi guys, I've been djing for a few years, with a residency at a Marriot hotel and also a club. I HAD LEFT FOR for the states for a 6 months and am now as such sharing my residency at the club meaning I am not working every single weekend. Always a proffessional service with me. I always make sure I get great feedback. Please hit me if you have any work. Cheers Dave
  7. cheers guys!!! sounds simple. Lets hope it is Dave
  8. 13th birthday today saturday 29th. any song recoomendations? help really appreciated Cheers Dave
  9. there is only one cyber market. DO NO TGET ANYTHING FROM THEM IS MY ADVICE
  10. Just a note to let everyn know not to trust cybermarket. I orderd some lights from them which i desperately reqiured for a gig. They told me they would be with me in time. I waited two days at home to receive the item, and it never turned up. I had to then get in contact and ask them what had happened. I received an email saying it was out of stock. When i phoned to complain, someone else told me the item was discontinued. I asked to speak to the manager but was told hed call me back. One week later I had to call as he had not called. only for a rude employer called simon to hang u
  11. I have just been made resident DJ of a 5 star hotel, but they said they wanted me to incerease the lights that i used. I was gigging there using only 2 abstract twister 3's, which was fine untill another dj turned up for one night and brought a light show that the queen would be proud of for her birthday. I have purchased 4 abstract gladiators (The early type) which i will now use. would anyone recomend anything smaller and more effect. I would prefer to take as little as possible. Also the other dj had a pair of abstract xp1's infront of his decks which looked very nice. I was thi
  12. bdeyes


    yes!!! that peniston one was awesome, infact im gonna go listen to it right now! A blast from the past
  13. bdeyes

    Top 10 70's songs

    What would be your top 10 70's songs??? Mine include: Night fever Tradegy mammia its raining men hot stuff YMCA Dancing queen I Will survive Kung Fu fighting
  14. Cheers for thi son e mate, Just ordered Dave
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