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  1. surely dan what you call whinging can also be interpreted as continuing the debate, do you really see us as jeering from the backbenches
  2. problably the reason they get more replies is they are on subjects that is either relevant or interesting,nothing to do with the fact it is a poll,i can't remember looking at the results of a poll just like this reply,i am replying to your comment but i do not have a clue what the results of the actual poll are( i just might go back and look in a minute)if a thread is interesting/contraversial or relevant it will get replies if not it will fade into nomans land and be forgotton, my theory the only extra replies you get from a poll is when someone new joins and then they bring it to life but mo
  3. let's start with the sound,have you thought about back up in case anything goes wrong on the night very important no sound no party, an ipod or portable dvd players or even cheap dvd player will do as playout devices.the t max lights i recomend you replace as soon as possible my son had some(he started at 15 just like you) they are not brilliant even in an living room he still has his set in the shed (must put them on ebay used once any offers :hide: ),you will need a lighting switch pack as well because they have no fans in them so should not be left on for long periods of time.when you are r
  4. i don't take much notice of the polls either way,but agree with danno nothing worse then when someone joins and votes on a poll from 2 years ago and it bumps it to the top and we end up reading something ads wrote 2 yrs ago
  5. simple answer from me is i would expect you to help me in the same circumstances.
  6. simple answer to the government is, why should we buy snow chains for an event that happens every 20 yrs,the same reason they are running out of salt i believe
  7. nor way you wouldn't, would you. if he can't get to standstead airport in the snow we have what chance would he have where you are :hphone:
  8. forget the bacon have a danish pastry and a cup of tea
  9. sounds like they all know you locally andy so your having to go further afield to get work. first your giving your international phone number,then your trying to get to stanstead airport. life of an international dj brilliant :Thumbup: :nbow: we don't even need to give our area code :thumbsup:
  10. absolutely snow chance but what do i know :ads: .radio just gave out a warning ,road between exeter and newton abbott treacherous now,just been out in the car and the snow is very heavy.so if you do go take care
  11. hi mark firstly welcome to the forum. i read it as your first booking or do you mean the first booking you've recieved via email.if it's your first ever booking i would think carefully before excepting/quoting on it. a wedding is not the sort of gig to do for a first event. cut your teeth on birthdays and anniversaries first. if it's your first via email then email them back with your terms and conditions and then send them a contract in the post to sign and return with the deposit then arrange a visit to discuss the event make sure you quote the hours venue and price and most important
  12. agree with kingy,i wouldn't mind paying the other dj his normal rate but would be extremely upset he was charging me a £30 late booking fee, that i would expect him to waiver in these circumstances.
  13. andyw


    2 ways the first is via the headphone socket with a jack to phono lead then a ground loop isolater and then into the mixer the secound is using an external soundcard via the usb.
  14. ok lets put the world or should i say GREAT britain to right here. benefits should be means tested fairly,not so those just above the limit are a lot worse off then those below the limits,child allowance should be means tested( i know a few people who send their money to childrens charities in other countries because they dont need it (while i think they are admirable for doing it it's not what the benifit is for).child allowance should only be given for the first 2 children whatever the families circumstances,it's a crime that some families are able to pick up more in child allowance each m
  15. i get sick of hearing about these people breaking the law and how much the government is going to make us all spend to stop it,while i won't condone anyone illegally downloading the music industry and film industry have only got themselves to blame for blatently ripping everyone off for years.it is time this goverment and future goverments(not any party but all of them)started to deal with real crime and real criminals, and give them real punishments for their crimes with appropiate sentencing and make prison a place where they don't want tobe . in the local news today they are on about a paed
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