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  1. Guys, Following on from this thread... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=24311 I'm after suggestions of a centre piece !?!?!? To give you some background, I only do house parties, its a hobby & a chance to have a laugh with mates. My rig currently consists of.. 2 x Led Pars 2 x Acme Led Tangos 1 x Wildtech Kaleido 1 x Wildtech Cubist 1 x Kam Star Cluster Until this week, my centre piece was a 2 head Miracled. A great light but way too big for the type of get up we play at, so I sold it. So I'm after a new centre. I was looking a
  2. Thanks mate, New thread about to start.
  3. Dave, Thanks for the response. You may have put me off a little as I already have a KAM Cluster. If they are similar, I may need a rethink!!
  4. Thanks for the response but anyone out there with some real life view? The invincibled is NOT quite similar to impossibled!!!??? :lil devil: Anyone actually taken a look? Thanks
  5. Guys, Hoping you can help! What are the differences between these 2 lights. Apart from the casing they seem to be very similar! Thanks Stace
  6. Guys, Am selling my ACME Miracleds (2 of). They are on a trimmed linear bracket and come with a DMX cable. In as good as new condition, they have been used for house parties 4 or 5 times. http://prolight.co.uk/images/media/11/1115...1/MIRA01-m0.mov £175 + Post (or pickup from Portsmouth/Whiteley) PM me if you have any questions. Thanks Stace
  7. Guys, Looking to buy a new bit of hardware. Its only for messing with at home and the odd party. Has anyone had any experience with any of these or could anyone recommend? I'm kinda looking forward to the 600 but don't know enough about the kit to make a decent informed decision. http://www.cortex-pro.com/dmix_600.php http://www.djstore.com/item/mp3contr.../vesvci300.htm http://www.cortex-pro.com/dmix_300.php http://www.numark.com/idj2 Thanks Stace
  8. Guys, Does anyone have a pic of what gobo's come as standard with the Abstract VRX Gladiators? Thanks Stace :joe:
  9. http://www.break.com/index/america-rules-england-sucks.html :Thumbup:
  10. Stace

    Mcdonalds Advert

    Anyone name the tune and the movie/programme its from? Thanks
  11. I can help with the HipHop. Find out if they've got a specific decade and whether they prefer UK/US/Global etc. :joe:
  12. I've recently got rid of my impossibled. It doesn't help that whilst the pattern does change the light is essentially static. The unit just projects different patterns, there isn't any movement as there is with the new Invincibled's, VUE IV or ADJ Mystic . Still happy with my Miracleds but only with fog. The patterns themselves are just as boring as the rest !!
  13. I was thinking about getting another one but thought a Dynarock barrell may compliment it. On the basis the tango's aren't dmx and the microphones are probably calibrated differently, how do they look together after a while and are slightly out of sink?
  14. Was just wondering if it will create more images around the room. After all a barrel is only really extra mirrors. Its a good little effect but could be better :ads: :devil:
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