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  1. simonsteph


    Hello all, I am confused, i have not done a gig for a few months but i have a few coming up now its closer to Christmas. I have been checking this site out for any updates or anything i may have missed. I have just read about a new license and not sure if i need one? I use original cd's not copys or home made ones. Do i still need a license? How much? I have a PAT test and insurance but this will be an additional cost and i may have to quit DJing as i don't do enough gigs due to work commitments and i would be left out of pocket. Thanks Simon
  2. thanks for your help your advice is as great as ever
  3. This reminds me of when i was an assistant manager for the Big Mac - we as a company had somone sue us because a hot coffee burnt them and the coffee cup didnt say hot on! Its crazy Also in my current job i had do complete a risk assesment on using the computer, at my desk
  4. I may have missed somthing here but what i would call motown others dont. Can anyone help me with a list of motown classics that people like to be played - this is not my strong subject lol
  5. Ha - i have managed to log on today, i have not done anything or changed any settings or deleted my cookies ect..... So i dont know what was wrong with it? But i am back lol
  6. Hello, I have recenlty been stopped from accessing this site from my home pc. So i try on my laptop and again i couldnt access it - i have no other problems with anyother site. When i try to open www.dj-forum.co.uk i get a message telling me i am not authorised to access this server Its doing my head in - if anyone could help please email me on simon.mitchell50@hotmail.co.uk thanks Simon (on here at work)
  7. Here is the track lost - what do you think? CD1 Estelle feat. Kanye West American Boy Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome Dance Wiv Me Mint Royale Singin' In The Rain Sam Sparro Black & Gold Duffy Warwick Avenue Sara Bareilles Love Song Gabriella Cilmi Sweet About Me Ne-Yo Closer Girls Aloud Can't Speak French Kylie Minogue In My Arms Sugababes Denial Jonas Brothers S.O.S. Alphabeat 10,000 Nights The Ting Tings That's Not My Name The Kooks Always Where I Need To Be Pendulum Propane Nightmares Black Kids I'm Not Gonna Teac
  8. We did a gig at Whiston Hall, with requests - no dance music, nice chessy pop with a touch of rock, then we suprises the B & G at the end with giving them a copy of my mixed wedding song. We then played it for them and said good night, we were clapped for about 20 mins and then were slowed down when packing away 'thank you' that was amazing' to top it all of there was around 10 deaf people there and they were up dancing Perfect
  9. Hi All, I have been doing wedings and partys for a few months know with great sucess!!!!!!!!!! I want to get a Karaoke system in place for the Christmas rush and i would like any advice on what additioanal equipmpent i need if anyone would advise me? I went to my local music store www.cookies.co.uk and all they could tell is dont buy from anyone else cause there equipment is quality - not helpfull at all Thanks in advance Simon
  10. Thanks - both of you, to you and others your help and advice are invaluble, i have just had a email thanking me form the bride - which makes me smile. :) I cant wait for my next one, i will complete a few reference sheets with different tracks on - thats sounds like a really good idea, Cant wait........
  11. Hi All I am free next weekend I may have to celebrate on Sunday with Delialah and the Quo a few times on Sunday if Stoke win promotion to the prem league If intrested drop me a pm Stoke and surrounding areas Simon
  12. All the help and advice that i got from everyone on here (thank you) cold not prepare me for what happened. When the bride contacted me, they wanted me to do 2 hours playing the cheesey songs at their do as they ahve booked a rock band - this one should be easy - then on Tuesdey they contacted me to tell me the band had pulled out and would i play the whole night, no i we are getting somewhere. I asked what music she wanted - she said that they were into rock but could i mix it with a bit of 80's, 90's, 00's - not a problem. To the day - i got to the venue around midday and set my eq
  13. Am i been a bit silly? I have tried to make a banner for my website but i cannot seem to do it Can anyone help me or give me a bit of advice how to make one Thanks Simon
  14. Hi Guys I am available most Saturday evenings in S-O-T. If you need a DJ please give me a call on 07980058679 or visit my website www.mitchandtitch.co.uk Thanks Simon
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