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15 years ago ............ here we go, 1990.


Kylie felt terrible having only had 1 week at No.1 - she had Tears on her Pillow. Also with only a measely one week in the top spot were The Beautiful South, with the very aptly named "A little time".


Snap proved that they had The Power to stay at No.1 for 2 weeks, as did The New Kids On The Block were "Hangin' Tough", The England Team and New Order set the "World in Motion", the Steve Miller band put up with some poeple calling them "maurice" while they sung of Batmans arch Nemesis. Even Sir Cliffy mangered (!) only 2 weeks with Saviours Day.


Only 2 songs managed 3 weeks at the No.1 position... Vanilla Ices' "Ice ice baby" and Bombalurina (Timmy Mallet in a different wig) oggling over a very small item of female swimwear. I'm not sure which of these two artistes were the main novelty act. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif


Several songs held the No.1 spot for 4 weeks including, Sinead O'conner "Nothing compares to you", Beats International's cover of the SOS bands "Just be good to me", Madonna's: Vogue, Adamski's "Killer" (with Seal), Maria McKee: "Show me Heaven", The Righteous brothers re-release of Unchained Melody. Partners in Crime also held the top spot for 4 weeks, with "Turtle power" - and to add insult to (mental) injury, "Partners in crime" got knocked off the charts by Bombalurina - theres justice for you... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/rolleyes.gif


Only one song sat on the apex of the charts for 5 whole weeks this year...Elton Johns double A side, "Sacrifice/Healing Hands".


But, which was your favourite, most playable No.1 of this year?






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