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    Mobile DJ for over 20 years. Keen to embrace and make use of the very latest professional DJ audio technologies and lighting.

    I can't stand over-marketing and dirty sales techniques (any more) so dont use them, and walk away when I hear them being used on me or the innocent public....

    I might be able to make the above sentence really really amazing, let me just call my boss at home and see if I can convince him to let me make it really really amazing for you...blah blah blah...see what I mean...?

    Whilst a few professional DJs use laptops, after hearing and reading of many laptop failures, I do not rate domestic laptops as a reliable, professional piece of equipment. Technology now offers professional alternatives, built for the specific role of reliable DJ'ing.

    I am a proud user, owner and exhibitor of Denon DJ products.
  1. Agreed, if that's what the leading post was suggesting, rather than "use ripped tracks, but dont buy the pro-dub". It's down to interpretation of the leading post, which could be taken in more than one way. Much in the same way that I suspect the people who said they wouldnt pay their poll tax didn't actually take the required steps to no longer need to pay their poll tax, they carried on as before, still needed to pay, but didn't. Those wishing to read all the comments that have already been to'ed and fro'ed about licensing, will find plenty of posts via the DJU Search facilitie
  2. I rip copyrighted music tracks from vinyl and CD, and bring another copy of those tracks into existance on a hard drive. I perform using those ripped tracks - it's my choice however...convenience of not opening the CD flightcases to get to the originals at a gig unless I have to - eg: If someone tips a beer over my 3 hard drives. It sounds like a lot of other people rip copyright music too, and use that new copy in their business. The back of pretty much each and every CD states that it is not permitted for me to do that action - eg: Rip copyright music from the CD. The Pro-Dub li
  3. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and 10... ah good. I've still got all my fingers and I'm planning on keeping it that way - so I wont mention any forum associations. With regard to your enquiry about the Cortex unit(s). I think that you might mean the Cortex 1000 rather than a 100. Like the other publically launched hard drive controllers, such as the Cortex 3000, the Denon DN-HD2500 and the now discontinued Numark Director/D2, the Cortex 1000 has had a number of firmware upgrades. The reason why I mention this is that any reviews which you might see about the Cortex 1000 could be from an ear
  4. I had a problem getting onto/thru the site a couple of months ago, but it was mainly just timeouts - eg: The pages were taking a very long time to load, and my browser was set to only wait so long. I up'ed those browser settings to double their original settings, and normally get onto the site most times now. I still have occasional issues with the site behaving unusually, which usually results in a post being filled twice with the same thing - eg: If I type 2 paragraphs of text, they appear with two paragraphs duplicated below them. I notice that the flood control, for page to pag
  5. That's certainly a possiblility. I spoke with several DJs at DJ Show North last Sunday who had been having issues (some which sounded heat related) with their lappys and were looking at more recent alternatives.
  6. It would be an apologetic "No" from me. Yes, they could damage your kit - and depending on what they damage the rest of that gig, and your next few gigs could be affected. However... have a look at a DJU thread along similar lines back in February. What if they claim that your equipment damaged their items? Also known as "It was working alright 'til I plugged it into 'is gear" syndrome...."The DJ broke it, I wanna new one" game. Just one up from the channel 4 adverts of "Had an accident which wasnt your fault?..." This is likely to be what? Friend/family member of th
  7. Just out of interest, whats the reboot time like on a Mac? eg: Time to reboot and get the correct track playing again?
  8. I've not been taking gigs for this weekend as I'm at DJ Show North in Leeds on Sunday. If you're going along, come along to the Denon DJ stand and say "Hi".
  9. Even if you're not having to share the generator, I'd recommend getting yourself a £30 Power conditioner. I use one from Ebuyer, which is a battery backup AND a voltage regulator/power conditioner - with a nice little display on the front to let you know what its doing. The battery backup isnt really all that important for what you want to do, but the voltage regulator features will mean that as your lights flash, or the caterers switch on their tea-urn and hotplates etc, your gear will still get a standard 220volts, rather than wildly damaging voltages which could vary considerably fro
  10. This has been rattling around for quite some time, well a few months maybe. An important thing to note is that the ISP can obviously tell the difference between an UPloaded MP3 track, and a DOWNloaded MP3 track (as it wanders through the internet cloud). So...miss T smith, aged 6...DOWNloading a track by following some dodgy link that she's either been sent or somehow stumbled across, is one thing....whereas Mr L J Silver or Mr R R Jimlad UPloading MP3 tracks out of their PC onto a filesharing site would show itself differently to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), as its an UPloa
  11. Crikey...she must've had a big trailer. Sorry. Sorry to hear of your difficulties, but also glad to hear, well read, that you're all up and running with a new partner, new job and, what sounds like its going to be new a great new life for you and your daughter. It's a great life, if you don't weaken... ...so... Dont weaken
  12. They do. (grief! It sounds like I'm at a wedding...) The Pro-dub covers those wishing to move all, or some of the tracks they have on CD (one format), to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+-R, DVD-+RW, which are all other formats - eg: MP3, WAV etc. Many DJ's, myself included asked about this 3 or 4+ years ago when PPL prototyped the PPL Digital DJ license - but it's final version didn't cover CD-R variants, only Hard Drive storage of the tracks. We all know that when we buy an album, it contains some fantastic "killer!" tracks, and some right ol' "filler" tracks. Many DJs back then, and still
  13. Gary


    This is a fairly old post, relatively speaking, although the off-topic parts about avatars etc kept it bumped for a while. With regards to the firmware (Version 1300) originally mentioned in the topic/thread title, it's no longer the current firmware. Users who are keen to have the latest firmware on their units may want to download version 1400 which is now available. As general advice, almost all, if not in fact "all" the hard drive controllers such as the Cortex1000/3000/5000, the Denon 2500/5500/1200, the Numark D2 (and others) have had several firmware updates released for the
  14. Are you confirming or indeed fully guaranteeing that it wont be? I dont think that any member of DJU is naive enough to expect that you are guaranteeing that. More the case perhaps that you are "betting" on the ratio of ripped music professional/business users Vs the percieved number of inspectors? eg: Along the lines of "I thinking of parking in this pay and display car park (which used to be free to park in), it's 4:59pm, I reckon that there's not that many traffic wardens around here, and besides they'll probably go home at 5:30. I'll risk it." That gamble, be it parking wardens or PRS
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