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Most Playable No.1 of 1980  

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Wow! Was this a great year for no1s, or a really lousy one for music...no less than 26 tunes made it to number one...an average of only 2 weeks each (as theres only 52 weeks in a year).


The ONLY track not standing close to the others statistically speaking, was The Police: "Dont Stand So Close To Me", which uniquely stayed at No.1 for 4 whole weeks...at the other end of the scale, a poultry 1 week at the top was all that could be managed by Fern Kinney "Together we are beautiful", Blondies "Call me", Jams "Start", and John Lennons (Just like) Starting Over.


The other groups breaking through the average of 2 weeks at the top, were of course the "3 weekers" - including The Jam "Going Underground", MASH "Suicide is painless (Theme from M*A*S*H), Don Mclean "Crying" (eaten too much American Pie), Barbara Streisand: "Woman in Love", and Abbas "Super Trooper".


OK, the "Averages"...with 2 weeks at No.1 were...The Pretenders with "Brass in pocket" (take away one "S" for this to be the perfect theme song for Womens Lib'ers), The Specials EP mainly: "Too Much Too Young", Kenny Rogers "Coward of the county", Blondie "Atomic", The Detroit Spinners: "Working my way back to you", Dexys Midnight Runners "Geno", Johnny Logan: "Whats another year?" (about 50 weeks longer than your no.1...thats what), Olivia Newton John and ELO "Xanado, Odyssey: "Use it up, wear it out", Abba "Winner takes it all", David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes" (The new cricket theme maybe...nah, soul limbo is much better), Kelly Marie "Feels like Im in love", Blondies "The tide is high", and finally, St Winifreds School Choir: "Theres no-one quite like Grandma" (aaahhhh or is it "AArrrrgggghhhh!")


But, which is the most playable at your discos....

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the Detroit Spinners is my most played from the list, just has a nice middle of the road feel to it that can be used anywhere. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif

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theres quite a few again to choose from.

this was my year of birth aswell

play quite a few of theses regulary




and the detroit spinners.

chosen my personal fave for this one though


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