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  1. on Pro Disc 97 Dont stop believin by George Lamond... its a new "dancy" version
  2. yep i've got one.. definate wow factor when i've used it.
  3. lol it was months ago forgot to post about it lol, well needed night off last night.
  4. Worsley Court House, Manchester. you have to run thru there system, it tripped at the start of the first dance due to the clapping and cheering... Rest of the night was like trying to get people dancing to a radio in the background. funny thing the duty manager said to me before i started, "dont worry functions have a habit of finishing early here!!" I wonder why!!
  5. from our Local Paper The Gazette BLACKPOOL'S brightest Illumination has been blasted by a world famous astronomer for ruining the view of the sky at night. Sir Patrick Moore has slammed Blackpool Tower for installing of a green laser beam which shoots-out light at 10 minute intervals. The beam, which it is claimed can be seen 30 miles away, is set to shine until the end of the Illuminations on November 4. But the man who brought astronomy to the masses in his TV programme The Sky at Night, and a former chairman of the British Astronomical Association, said the light should be
  6. christmas starts last weekend of November and the best tunes has to be Fairytale of new york
  7. Steve did you charge more for the flowers on the bass bins tongue out icon
  8. De'vill ft Sean Paul- Always on my mind (remix) i'm liking alot at the moment. Have heard in on American radio alot.. (i tend to listen to Americam radio online as its much better than what we can produce.)
  9. i had a stageline microphone, needed one in a hurry. it worked well but died after 3 months.
  10. i still use an 8 x 8 light box, its usefull for backwashing walls. bought it in 1989!
  11. NiK your maths is off a bit £1500 x 52 weeks is £78,000 tho i would work it out over 48, giving yourself 4 weeks off a year. That would be £72,000... which i think is doable(sp) with a lot of hard work.
  12. just wondering in general have you had gear stolen from your van? sign written or not. its a general question to all. Not i know a mate or someone i heard about.. the question is have you?? interested to know cheers
  13. Dan grad your clubs and Mr Mitchell, i feel a business building meeting at Haigh Hall Wigan is in order lol
  14. work it backwards in 1966 England won the world cup, so people were happy, so 9 months later hello, we now have lots of 40th birthdays. lol :joe:
  15. Steve, had already posted this thread before you answered your msn. all details supplied have been passed on to the client. thank you please tongue out icon
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