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  1. Next Monday is the next NADJ London meeting and we have a great line-up to interest any DJ. Denon will be demoing some new kit, and it will be the first opportunity to get to see this. Peavey will be presenting some new products in their range. A presentation from Alex of DJ Event Planner showing why this application is so indispensable to so many DJs. Comedian Mr Cee will give a talk on how learning aspects of comedy such as timing and improvisation can help a DJs performance. Paul Arnett the national chairman of NADJ will outline the continued progression of NADJ and some great rea
  2. Eskie

    Ealing Town Hall

    I have a gig coming up at Ealing Town Hall in west London and have been informed they have a sound limiter and wondered whether anyone on here has performed there recently and whether it set correctly or if it's the type that goes off when you whisper!
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