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  1. Next Monday is the next NADJ London meeting and we have a great line-up to interest any DJ. Denon will be demoing some new kit, and it will be the first opportunity to get to see this. Peavey will be presenting some new products in their range. A presentation from Alex of DJ Event Planner showing why this application is so indispensable to so many DJs. Comedian Mr Cee will give a talk on how learning aspects of comedy such as timing and improvisation can help a DJs performance. Paul Arnett the national chairman of NADJ will outline the continued progression of NADJ and some great rea
  2. Meet and mix with fellow DJs at The National Association of DJs London branch meeting on Monday July 2nd, 2012. Doors open at 6pm for networking and the presentations will finish around 10/10.15 with the bar staying open until 11pm for further networking. Featuring: Guest Retailer - Guy Napthine of QSL Sound & Light Richard Iles of Greenwich Instruments showing the new Hand-Held DMX Guest manufacturer - FBT presenting the ProMaxX & Vertus CLA Systems Tony Winyard - Face Time. The importance of meeting clients before the event. ********* (There are breaks
  3. Is anyone out there using the same combination as me: A 00VJ, with the Denon DN-MC6000 and Virtual DJ? I'm having a slight problem with the mapping for the headphones so interested to hear whether from with the same setup on which settings they're using.
  4. Flightcase containing Denon DNHC-4500 controller, Denon X900 mixer, American DJ SDJ1 and a custom made patch panel. Also in a separate case are the CD drawers for the 4500 (the DN-D4500). The flightcase was custom made for me by Savill cases and is very lightweight. All are in immaculate condition, although the right deck of ther SDJ1 has a slightly faulty pitch control. The Patch panel has a PowerCon connection which powers up all 3 units. It has 3 x 5pin XLR sockets which are each connected to 2 phono inputs (see attached pics) so for example on input 007 this one input will conne
  5. I'm still using CATraxx and have been for many years now, but am looking for a programme that will catalogue video files as well as audio files but not found anything yet?
  6. Eskie

    Ealing Town Hall

    I have a gig coming up at Ealing Town Hall in west London and have been informed they have a sound limiter and wondered whether anyone on here has performed there recently and whether it set correctly or if it's the type that goes off when you whisper!
  7. I did the wedding of a guy that ran a DJ agency and so there were a few of his DJs there. Additionally at the time I'd only been doing gigs for this guy for a few months whereas some of the guys on his books had been with him a lot longer and were a little miffed that i was asked and not them The gig went well and I had the expected inspection of my equipment by the DJs that were there, but it didn't bother me in the slightest, cos I had a full dancefloor all night so what could they say Am actually doing another wedding for a DJ I've known for a while later this year.
  8. I have added 1 more item to my pre-xmas sale http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=130275221906 Ultimax Gig Bag
  9. Am selling a few items on the bay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=130274777289 Allen & Heath Xone 62 Mixer Computer DJ 00DJ Mobile DJ Laptop PCDJ Reflex DJ software PCDJ VJ A/V Mixing Software BPM Studio Pro DJ Software + Alcatech RCP-2001A Remote Control unit. feel free to ask any questions on any of it, see ya :)
  10. am about to upgrade to the latest version of the 00DJ so am gonna sell my mark 2 version of the 00DJ. Have not yet decided what price I will sell the 00DJ for; just seeing whether there's much interest for it? it's in excellent condition.
  11. OK, have bitten the bullet on this vinyl I've been talking about selling for some time and have put the lot on eBay so they're gonna go one way or another! This sale has now been divided into 5 groups of records for sale with lists 3 & 5 probably being of most interest to DJs. All of the records are in record boxes. You can view listings at http://winyard.com/records.htm 1. Soul List - (also contains some Rap, Reggae and a few Jazz & Soca.Almost all of the Streetsounds albums, plus some of the Electro albums, The Jazz Juice albums and 2 14 LP box sets- The Philadelphia
  12. It is an extremely worthwhile investment from a few angles. Upmarket venues love it and the banquet managers will often comment positively on it. It hides all the cables, flightcases, suitbag etc. It looks very professional. Is built very well and lasts a long time if looked after. The weight of the frame can be viewed in different ways; on the one hand it would be nice to have something lighter from a carrying point of view, but on the other hand the weight makes it very robust so that even if someone falls into it it doesn't buckle or fall into your gear. The price is OTT
  13. allo peeps, yep the Eskie is still alive n kickin I'm moving house next week so am selling my vinyl. Comprises over 2.600 records-1,000 12"s, 1,000 LPs and about 600 7"s covering a wide range of music genres. Ful list online at http://winyard.com/records.htm I also have the full list available as an excel file, just drop me a PM or email and I'll email you the file if you'd like to look through it. Collection includes virtually ever DMC release between 1985 and 1990. Have already sold a few thousand pieces which was mainly soul and reggae. See ya :djuhi:
  14. Cheers for the info guys. I haven't been around for a while due to being pretty busy. Hope everyone's well. See ya :djuhi:
  15. For the last few years I've taken an old laptop with me to gigs to use for ripping CDs to an mp3 file, but the lappie I've been using has kicked the bucket! Apart from ripping the odd track at a gig every couple of months or so the lappie was never used for anything else so was a bit of a waste and rather than buy another laptop just to use for ripping I wondered whether anyone knows of any type of CD walkman type gizmo that can also rip tracks to an MP3 file and that can then be stored/copied onto a pen drive? Many thanks for any help offered...
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