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  1. Hey! Before i put these on ebay, i thought i'd post on here first! I'm selling: Geni Mojo Spinmaster 1 - £129.99 new Geni XTC - £99.99 new Acme Fiesta - Used twice! - £79.99 new Reason for sale, is that i'd like to start using some LED stuff, and these lights are just lying around not being used! All 3 have original boxes, power cables and come with bulbs. They're open to SENSIBLE offers, (bear in mind, in great condition, original mirrors etc) so if you're interested send me a PM. Thanks! Ollie J
  2. Well, nothing as far as gigs are concerned! Having a relaxed weekend with the grandparents, with the odd bit of english coursework (great!)
  3. Hello! I know many of you show messages on screens at your gigs, i was wondering, what's the ideal size of screen? 17", 19" etc? Thanks Ollie J
  4. WELCOME! Have a nice time here!
  5. i can do it really easily, i just use Adobe Audition. Import the track, hit reverse, and export is again, simple! If i can help, drop me a PM!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys :) I was thinking about getting the Impossibled as i know it covers a large area, but by having the scanners, the lighting stand would look a bit fuller. However the price gap is pretty big! I'll wait for more replies, until i make a decision. Thanks for your input! Ollie J
  7. Hello! I'm looking to buy some new lights, and i have decided on some scanners, and a centerpiece (Acme Impossibled) to accompany my 2 Magic Gobos. Now, i'm going be selling 2 lights on ebay; - Acme Fiesta - Geni Mojo Spinmaster 1 With the money from them, i'd like to buy a goalpost stand, as my t-bar is very weak. When i have used the money on the stand, i'll be saving for lights. So, which would you buy first? The 4 dynamos (£340) or the Impossibled (£130ish)? Thanks, Ollie J
  8. Hey! I was wondering, how do DJs display messages to the dancers on screens? Is this done, simply by having the image on a laptop and having external screens? Thanks! Ollie J
  9. A Behringer BCD 3000, sounds like it'd be perfect for you! It's around £150, it comes with it'sown software too!
  10. Hi Reverandfunk! I'll check it out on ebay now! Thanks!
  11. Hey McCardle! Thanks for the reply, i now understand it! :P So, would a 30mw green laser, be a resonable investment? Instead of paying even more money for a 60mw? Thanks : )
  12. Hey, thanks for the reply! could you explain to me what the (number)mw actually means? I.E: is the higher the better? thanks!
  13. Hi! Thanks for the reply, has some very valid points, i'll check out some lasers! Thank you : )
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