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  1. Hi all I have a gig on offer to anyone who can do it. It is a Wedding working with a Band. The Wedding is at the Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester. If anyone can cover it drop us a pm and ill give you the details. Cheers Mike
  2. Hi I posted this before but now I have to see my gear due to Marriage break up. Anyone interested in the following. 2 x Prosound 400w Speakers 1 x 1000w Prosound Amp 1 x Mackie 10 Channell Mixer 2 x Moondot Light Effects 1 x Blitzer Light Effect 2 x Soundlab Light Effects Speaker Stands and T Bar Light stands, all Leads and cables could be used as backup or suit beginner. 12 Months old. £400 for the lot Anyone wants to take this off me then drop us a pm. Cheers Mike
  3. Hi all My Wife and I have split and I now have to sell my gear. what I am selling is listed below. Advent T2050 Laptop plus External Hard Drive. Over 50,000 Karaoke Songs and approx 20,000 Music Tracks. Virtual DJ and Swift Elite Software. 2X400W Prosound Speakers. 1000W Prosound Amp. 10 Channel Mackie Mixer. 2XMoondot Lights. 1XBlitzer Light 2XSoundlab Light Effects 2X4 Way Pod Lights. 2XT Bar Light Stands 2XSpeaker Stands All Leads are also included. Everything must go. I have to sell for a deposit on a new place I am Looking for £1500 ovno for t
  4. Hi all I have to pack it all in for the time being due to my Wife kicking me out . I have to sell my gear to get a deposit on a Flat or something, heres my gear listed below and I would be grateful of opinions of how much I would get for it. 2x400w Prosound Speakers, Prosound 1000w Amp Mackie 10 Chanell Mixer 2XMoondot Lights 2XSoundlab Flashing Lights 1XBlitzer Light 2xLight Pods (4 Lights on each) All stands and T Bar Light Standsx2. All Leads and connectors. Any ideas of what I should advertise it at. Cheers for all your help Mike
  5. I had a fiver on Latvia :damn: 40/1 ah well. I thought UK entry was the best for a while but as everyone has said Political voting. I think they should vote it a different way such as Simon Cowell or something :lame: Seriously a panel of Judges or something maybe a panel selected from Countries who are not taking part in the Final. Mike
  6. I have named my Disco Buisness after a song by James (The Band) called Lose Control, I thought this would be better than 'Sit Down Disco' cos people may have thought they sit down instead of Dance :lame: . Anyway you could think of a Favourite song maybe or Band that has a Disco sounding name. Good Luck :Thumbup: Mike
  7. I am using Swift Elite for Karaoke and a few people have asked me to record them singing. I am wondering how I do this, whether I need more wires from mixer to laptop. I did try and record someone using Virtual DJ but the playback only had the Music and not the persons voice. Any advice on how to go about it and how I need to wire it up. Mike
  8. Hi all I have recieved an email regarding an 18th Birthday party on 10th May 2008. It is a recommendation from a previous job I have done but I am unable to do it as I am already booked on that night. I have emailed the person back and said I would ask on here if anyone is available to do it. She is interested in my £170 package and is looking for something around that price. If anyone can do it could you drop me a pm and i will sort out the details. Cheers Mike.
  9. That sounds like a good idea, do you get many bookings from it? Mike
  10. I have my Equipment insured and PLI £5 Million for £15 a Month with DJ Guard.
  11. Myself and my Wife work as a duo, I do the mic work and the Music and she does the request taking, getting Drinks, Driving. We split the money 0% - 100% in her favour :bouncy: Mike
  12. Thanks I'll try that and use my soundlab ones for the floorm I just thought I could get some extra light on the floor
  13. Hi all I recently bought some Moondot Lights from an DJ who is retiring, now I tried them at home and they were good, lighting up the room quite good. I used them for the first time on saturday and I could hardly see them lighting up the floor, they were on and lighting from the light but not on the dance floor. I had my soundlab lights on too and they were fine so it wasnt a total disater. Does anyone know why this is. Is it me?. I looked them up on the net and reviews were positive so i think I must have them set up wrong or something? Mike.
  14. I agree that the older crowd frown upon the rock version but the younger crowd like it, also I play a clubland version of it and it always goes down well with any crowd. Mike
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